Use Science, Coding and Robotics in the Elementary Classroom

Event Description

Want to prepare your students for STEM-related fields? Want to bring more engineering and problem-based learning to the classroom? Robotics is an effective way to engage students and integrate science, technology, engineering, and math into your classroom. During this hands-on session, attendees will build and code using LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 to teach coding and standards-based science lessons while learning problem-solving skills. Our approach allows students to deeply engage with science practices and the engineering design process while solving real-world problems. Attendees will walk away with concrete activities that will empower their students to explore, create, and share discoveries as they build and code solutions to real-world problems.

Coding in the Classroom (Webinar)


Thinking about teaching coding in the classroom? This session will cover the hows and whys, share creative, authentic examples of coding across the curriculum, and provide resources to get started with coding in the K-12 classroom.


Karrin Burns is an Apple Distinguished Educator and a Google for Education Certified Trainer. She teaches Grade 3 at Lincoln School in River Forest SD 90. Jarrin is the author of two books, ‘Cultivating A Culture of Collaboration and Creativity in the Classroom’ and ‘The Lincoln Native Garden: Creating and Maintaining a Successful Native Habitat’ (both available on iBooks).