Data Security and Safety

K12 Data and Security Summit

The K12 Data and Security is a one-day professional development event focused on data use, security, and legal requirements for education leaders and IT staff.

Project Lead: Chris Wherley

Data Security Working Group

The Learning Technology Center is establishing a Data Security Working Group to identify areas of need and develop resources around effective student data privacy governance, management, and security. Membership is comprised of school district administrators, technology directors, and chief technology officers. The working group meet virtually once a month.

Project Lead: Chris Wherley

Student Data Privacy Consortium

The LTC supports the work of the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC), a nationwide consortium with 25+ State Alliance Member organizations that are developing tools and resources to protect student information. The SDPC’s vision is to develop common activities, artifacts, templates, tools and effective practices that can be leveraged through a unique collaborative of end users and marketplace providers working together.

Project Lead: Chris Wherley