Illinois School District Technology Survey

2019 Illinois School District Technology Survey

The Illinois School District Technology Survey was developed through a collaboration with the Illinois State Board of Education, the Learning Technology Center, and the PK-12 Digital Learning Advisory Council, and administered during July and August of 2019. The survey is designed to provide a snapshot of each school district and program in regard to integrating instructional technology and the infrastructure required to support it.

Audience: The technology leader within each school district completed the survey. Some questions involve instructional practices, and survey participants were encouraged to collaborate with other leadership team members to accurately complete questions. For the 2019 survey, approximately 41% of the 852 school districts in Illinois responded to the survey. Of the 350 district responses, most were submitted by technology leaders (54.5%), followed by district leaders (21.4%), administrators (17.7%), and instructional technology leaders (6%).

Timeline: The 2019 Illinois School District Technology Survey reporting took place from July 8, 2019 to August 9, 2019. In future years, the survey will occur in April-May.

The Learning Technology Center maintains oversight of the completion of the survey and the dissemination of its data. For questions about the Illinois School Technology Survey, please email Tim McIlvain.

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