Speakers Bureau FAQ

What is the purpose of the LTC Speakers Bureau?
The bureau was established to identify and connect talented presenters who could provide local expertise – primarily for regional digital learning conferences, but also for state conferences and district professional development sessions.

How were the members of the Speakers Bureau identified?
The initial members were invited to participate based on their visible presence as educational technology leaders. These included current LTC facilitators as well as individuals known for quality presentations at regional, state, and national conferences.

What are the eligibility requirements to become a member of the Speakers Bureau?
Members must be engaged in work that directly impacts digital learning in the State of Illinois. They must also have a track record of delivering quality professional development in the area of digital learning and complete an application.

How can I become a member of the Speakers Bureau?
Complete the application or contact Brian Bates — bbates@ltcillinois.org.

Who should I contact to book a member of the Speakers Bureau?
Members work out scheduling individually. Each speaker’s profile page will have an email address for direct contact.

Is there a fee for using members of the Speakers Bureau?
No money comes to the LTC Speakers Bureau itself. Individual members are free to negotiate their own fees for speaking.

I’m a member, how can I update or revise my information?
At any time, complete a new application and it will be updated.

How do I get the answer to a question that isn’t on this list?
Send an email to Brian Bates — bbates@ltcillinois.org.