Speakers Bureau Agreement

Speaker Bureau Application

The Learning Technology Center (LTC) Speakers Bureau connects educators with speakers to deliver professional learning activities on a wide variety of topics.

Speakers who choose to be a part of the LTC Speakers Bureau may have the opportunity to work with Regional Offices of Education, Intermediate Service Centers, Districts, Schools, or other organizations. By providing detailed information regarding qualifications, presentation topics, a fee range, and more, interested parties can filter potential speakers to find the qualified speaker that meets their needs. The LTC will not be involved in any part of the booking process.


  1. Participation in the LTC Speakers Bureau is free and voluntary. You may request removal at any time.
  2. Participation in the LTC Speakers Bureau does not guarantee you will be contacted for speaking engagements.
  3. Speakers will be responsible for coordinating all aspects of the speaking engagement. The LTC will not assist speakers with any part of the speaking engagement.
  4. Bureau members are responsible for obtaining appropriate clearance from their employers, as needed, to make their appearances.
  5. Provide the Bureau Coordinator as soon as possible the information you wish to post about your experience and the subjects about which you are qualified to speak. Please alert the coordinator or submit a new application whenever you revise your personal information or its format.
  6. Speakers must submit contact information, a presenter biography, list of certifications/qualifications, a headshot, and a fee range. Speakers must also identify the services to be provided, applicable grade ranges, speaker availability, and preference of duration of engagements. It is important that your personal information clearly describe the breadth of your experience and the professional roles in which you have served, as well as the subjects to which you are prepared to speak.
  7. A speaker should direct audiences to the Bureau Coordinator and/or other speakers whenever the requested subject matter is outside of his or her personal expertise or when the speaker is unavailable on the date requested by the potential audience.
  8. The LTC Speakers Bureau will be a public list and available via the LTC website. You may view the Speakers Bureau page at ltcillinois.org/speakers
  9. If you have questions about the Speakers Bureau, please contact the Bureau Coordinator (Brian Bates - bbates@ltcillinois.staging-server.site). The coordinator can answer questions about the Bureau and the expectations for speakers.

Personal Information

Maximum upload size: 8.39MB


Presenter biographies should be written in third person to ensure consistency among profiles.


Webinars are always unpaid.
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