E-rate Regional Workshops

E-Rate Regional Workshops

FY2021 470 Workshop Tour Dates

LTC E-Rate Essentials 2021 Applications Workshops for services beginning July 1, 2021, and running through June 30, 2022

Note: Due to COVID-19 precautions and restrictions, all of our tour sites are limited to virtual attendance only at this time. Every effort was made to offer consistency in offerings across the state. Specific locations are noted in accordance with previous tour destinations. Registration for all events is open to anyone, regardless of district location.


E-rate 471 Session Information

Access a PDF of the E-Rate 471 Tour Series HERE


Additional E-Rate Support & Resources

Learn more about E-Rate and LTC support by visiting the LTC’s E-Rate webpage.

Mindy Fiscus

Digital Access Coordinator

Workshops provided by Learning Technology Center and facilitated by Mindy Fiscus, Digital Access Coordinator and IL State E-rate Coordinator.