Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program

ILTPP is a statewide cooperative of Illinois K-12 educational entities that aggregate purchasing power and expertise to procure technology products and services at better prices than is available to an individual organization.

Project Lead: Hope Hardin-Borbely

E-Rate Application Support

The LTC provides grant-application support by offering updates, information, and support in the form of outreach, workshops, advocacy, and digital support. E-rate is a FCC supported application process that allows school districts to get reimbursement on the cost of their internet access and selected network equipment.

Project Lead: Mindy Fiscus

Illinois Connectivity Project Initiative (ICCP)

The Illinois Classroom Connectivity Project Initiative (ICCP) is a joint partnership between the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT), Illinois Governor’s office, Learning Technology Center (LTC), and EducationSuperHighway that works to ensure all students in Illinois have access to scalable infrastructure, high-speed affordable bandwidth, and ubiquitous Wi-Fi for digital learning. ICCP offers outreach, and support in leveraging the E-rate program and IL State match funding in order to meet their goals.

Project Leads: Mindy Fiscus, Tim McIlvain

Additional Funding Sources

The LTC can provide assistance with identifying and applying for funding.

Project Lead: Mindy Fiscus