Virtual Professional Development Program

Year-Long Virtual Professional Development Program

Interested in Year-Long Virtual Professional Learning?

Our year-long virtual professional learning programs are coordinated by our Regional Educational Technology Coordinators (RETCs). Contact any of our RETCs to get started.

A New Way to Grow Professionally Throughout the Year

Research shows that educators who sustain professional development year round are more successful when it comes to implementing classroom technology.

With this in mind, the LTC is excited to offer a continuous professional development program centered on the skills needed to effectively enhance teaching and learning through technology. This program is designed to take place over a full school year (approximately 40 hours) with meetings occurring virtually (via Zoom) on a bi-weekly basis. Session lengths ideally last for two hours each, though individual session lengths are customizable. Session dates and times can also be customized for each participating district, depending on an LTC facilitator’s availability.

NOTE: This year-long program is designed with districts in mind. If you are in individual educator interested in participating in our program, then share this page with your administrators and let them know how much this program could help you and your fellow educators reach your year-to-year professional learning goals.

Google Program (Certification & More)

Google Certification Track. This track is structured to support educators as the strive to achieve Google Educator Level 1 certification. While taking part in this program, educators will learn about many of Google’s most-popular and productive tools, including those they can immediately implement into their classroom. While our goal is to prepare educators to pass the accompanying certification exam, we will work hard to explore exemplary uses of each Google app along with the skills needed for examination success.

The topics covered in this track include:

  • Drive and Docs
  • Google Forms
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Chrome
  • Gmail
  • Calendar
  • Groups
  • Hangouts
  • Classroom
  • YouTube
  • Google Sites

The track can last from 6-8 sessions, depending on the cohort’s level of proficiency at the program’s onset.

Learning Beyond Certification Track. After completing the Educator Level 1 certification content, an LTC facilitator will work with participants on their specific needs as it relates to technology content and utilization. These special topic sessions will then fill out the remainder fo the year-long program. Some topic examples include:

  • Creativity Tools
  • Video Creation
  • Audio Creation
  • Using Video as an Assessment Tool
  • Creating Digital Assessments
  • And more!

PD Hours. The LTC will provide professional development hours to program participants after each session. To receive PD hours, participants must be in live attendance for the appropriate session. All sessions will be recorded for participants to watch on-demand; however, PD hours will not be distributed for viewing recorded sessions.

Cost. For this program, the LTC will charge $100 per virtual hour. A full-year program (consisting of 40 hours) costs $4,000, accordingly.

Example Schedule for 1st Semester

Each schedule is customized to the district’s needs. Below is a schedule developed for Semester 1 and with a focus on Google Level 1 Certification. 

Week Topic Hours
Week 1 Introduction to Google Certification: Google Classroom 2
Week 2 Google Drive and Google Docs 2
Week 3 Google Forms, Google Sheets, and Google Slides 2
Week 4 Google Sheets and Google Chrome 2
Week 5 Chat, Meet, Gmail and Calendar 2
Week 6 YouTube, Google Sites, and Google Groups/ Certification Wrap up 2
Week 7 Certification Review 1.5
Week 8 Deep Dive into Creativity with Google Drawings 2
Week 9 Deep Dive into Flipgrid and Video as an Assessment 2