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45 minutes
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Supporting Equity and Access with Technology

02. 01. 2022  |  3:30pm - 4:30pm

As technology plays a more essential role in today's learning process, equity and access must remain front of mind. This 1-hour panel will highlight a few strategies educators can use today to keep the digital divide at bay. LTC staff members will also be on hand as the group works to answer the essential question, "How can I ensure that every student’s access to learning is equitably supported with technology?"

Presenter: LTC Staff

One Size Does Not Fit All – Readily Available Resources to Support UDL

02. 08. 2022  |  3:30pm - 4:30pm

At its very core, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) offers educators a versatile framework for creating flexible learning environments and accommodating individual learning needs. This 1-hour webinar will introduce participants to UDL's three basic tenants as well as numerous resources for appraising and implementing technology through a UDL lens, across grade levels and in numerous subject areas.

Presenter: Jenn Skalitzky

Ensuring equity and access for all students with WCAG-compliant Newsela

02. 10. 2022  |  3:30pm - 4:30pm

On September 2, 2021, Illinois signed a first-of-its-kind bill (HB 26 or “the WCAG bill”) requiring all online education tools and communications to comply with World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This webinar will offer insights into these new accessibility standards, including how schools can achieve and maintain compliance using a handy checklist and an assortment of productive Newsela resources.

Presenter: Lucia Cambria

How Can Maker Spaces Help Students in my Classroom?

03. 01. 2022  |  3:30pm - 4:30pm

Everyone's talking about "maker spaces" in education. But what are they, really? And can they help students in other core and non-core curriculum classes learn, as well? Tune into this panel discussion to learn the ins and outs of maker spaces, including proven use cases that can ignite student interest and support student creativity & exploration.

Presenter: LTC Staff

On Demand Webinars

Staying Off Snapchat! Supporting Executive Function While Learning Online

Original Date: 01. 24. 2022
Presenter: Jenn Skalitzky

Many of today's students struggle with executive function skills, a challenge that can create barriers to learning online. Fortunately, help is on the way! This 1-hour training will introduce you to a bevy of tech tools and strategies for fostering time management and focus skills, including while students utilize mobile devices or Google Chrome.

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Show HOW You Know: Choice Boards in the Classroom

Original Date: 01. 18. 2022
Presenter: LTC Staff

When students take ownership of demonstrating what they've learned, they are more engaged and invested in the outcomes. For many students, the secret to internalizing what they've learned comes down to choice, and fortunately, today's tech tools make putting choice in students' hands easier than ever. Tune in to learn how choice boards can increase student engagement and change the way assessment looks in your classroom.

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Keeping Students Engaged with Learning in the Tech-Enabled Classroom

Original Date: 01. 11. 2022
Presenter: LTC Staff

Engaging students with learning activities can be challenging, especially after students return from a break or vacation. When technology tools are added into the mix, the possibility of off-task behaviors can be especially problematic. In this webinar, an LTC staff panel will offer practical and ready-to-implement ideas for productively utilizing technology to engage students, both at the beginning of the semester and beyond.

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Hey Google! What’s New? – December 2021

Original Date: 12. 21. 2021
Presenter: Ben Sondgeroth

Google has made some exciting updates to the apps you use every day. This 1-hour workshop will review what's changed over the past several months and provide tips on how to make the new and improved Google Workspace for Education work for you and your students!

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School Law Update: What’s New and Noteworthy in Data Privacy, SOPPA, & Tech

Original Date: 12. 15. 2021
Presenter: Brandon Wright

Join Attorney Brandon K. Wright of Miller, Tracy, Braun, Funk & Miller, Ltd. as he answers and discusses your legal questions surrounding data privacy in schools, including SOPPA and related mandates. Brandon will also set aside time to discuss other relevant legal issues involving school technology and social media use.

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Using Build Challenges to Teach and Apply the STEM Design Process

Original Date: 12. 14. 2021
Presenter: Dan Mostyn

In this webinar, attendees will learn about an innovative STEM design process as well as opportunities to apply it through specialized build challenges. This hands-on method of teaching involves identifying the design problem, exploring it, planning, creating, and testing.

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Implementing Computer Science into K-5 Classrooms with CS Fundamentals

Original Date: 12. 07. 2021
Presenter: Sarah Phelps

Code.org CS Fundamentals is a free, easy way to incorporate computer science into your existing curriculum. Learn how to get started with Code.org as we dive into setting up a class, assigning content that's suited to your students' skill level, and trying out some online and unplugged activities that you can utilize in the classroom immediately.

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Other Duties As Assigned – Collaboration Tools for Librarians

Original Date: 11. 30. 2021
Presenter: Colleen Kaplan

The world is changing rapidly, and so is the role of the school librarian! Join the LTC's Colleen Kaplan and Holly Kelly as they dig into different collaboration tools that can help pave the way for meaningful collaboration between library staff, school faculty, and students.

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Learners Here, There, and Everywhere – Zoom ClassRoom

Original Date: 11. 03. 2021
Presenter: Dr. Lance Ford

As hybrid classrooms become the norm, how can educators effectively and clearly communicate with a webcam and headset while simultaneously interacting with a class of in-person students? Enter Zoom ClassRoom, a new educational tool made for this moment. In this webinar, you'll hear from one educator who has harnessed Zoom ClassRoom to meet their students where they are, regardless of where they are.

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Digital Safety for Littles

Original Date: 11. 02. 2021
Presenter: Lesley Grady

90% of today's children possess internet experience by age 8. This sessions provide educators with resources that speak to that experience and support efforts to instill digital safety basics in the mind's of today's youngest learners.

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Exploring Google’s Applied Digital Skills Lessons

Original Date: 10. 27. 2021
Presenter: Steve Wick

Google’s Applied Digital Skills is an online curriculum that connects teachers and students to the skills they need to be digital problem solvers. This hour-long webinar will explore this curriculum's resources as well as evaluate how they can be used to support classroom content connected to real-world skills.

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Google’s Be Internet Awesome: Helping Kids Become Safe, Confident Digital Explorers

Original Date: 10. 19. 2021
Presenter: Anne Nash

Join Google for Education Program Manager Anne Nash to learn more about Be Internet Awesome and how you can bring this digital literacy and digital citizenship content to your classrooms, students, and families - including through their Pear Deck-enabled BIA interactive lessons!

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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Digital Citizenship Resources for Connected Kids

Original Date: 10. 12. 2021
Presenter: Nicole Zumpano

Join Nicole Zumpano as she shares a variety of resources crowdsourced by the LTC's team of Instructional Technology Coaches to help you integrate this important topic into your classrooms. You're sure to walk away with ideas that can be implemented during this important awareness week and beyond.

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Get the Picture! Using Images for Digital Citizenship Conversations

Original Date: 10. 05. 2021
Presenter: Kristen Mattson

Are you and your students tired of those "canned" digital citizenship lessons that always seem to cover the same topics and elicit lackluster responses? Your digital citizenship lessons don't have to be something you dread!

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Ever-Evolving: What’s New & What’s Next from EVERFI

Original Date: 09. 14. 2021
Presenter: Everfi

EVERFI remains a powerful, robust tool for leveraging digital resources to your institution's advantage. Whether you’re new to EVERFI or a seasoned EVERFI veteran, join this session to learn about recent platform updates and new digital resources that can help you prepare for the 21-22 school year.

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EdPuzzle for Students with Autism

Original Date: 08. 10. 2021

The accessibility features built into EdPuzzle make it an ideal tool for use with students with autism or other special needs.

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Lesson Design for the Post-COVID Classroom

Original Date: 07. 20. 2021

In this presentation, we'll explore how EdPuzzle can help address some of those challenges, including bridging the achievement gap, freeing up time to spend with individual students, and reshaping your classroom routines for more personalized learning.

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Other Than E-Rate Essentials

Original Date: 06. 03. 2021
Presenter: Mindy Fiscus

The IL State E-Rate Coordinator, Mindy Fiscus will share updates on these and other state and federal funding opportunities that work along with E-Rate to support broadband access for student learning.

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Be Connected: Summer IT Projects

Original Date: 05. 27. 2021
Presenter: Eric Muckensturm

Join us to discuss projects large and small that your district is undertaking. Don't miss this chance to hear what your peers will be up to as the summer sun heats up!

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Other Than E-Rate Essentials

Original Date: 05. 26. 2021
Presenter: Mindy Fiscus

The IL State E-Rate Coordinator, Mindy Fiscus will share updates on these and other state and federal funding opportunities that work along with E-Rate to support broadband access for student learning.

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