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Anne Kasa

Supporting SEL with Google Workspace Tools

05. 24. 2022  |  3:30pm - 4:30pm

There are a couple powerful SEL tools that you're missing out on - and they're built into Google Workspace for Education. Come discover how you can use Google Forms and Slides to assemble a powerful communication pathway between you and your learners!

Presenter: Anne Kasa

Get in the Game! Three Levels of Gamification

06. 21. 2022  |  3:30pm - 4:30pm

Are you looking for a reliable way to engage students? Gamification might hold the secret to leveling up the way your students learn and play in your classroom. Come discover how to make your lessons even more hands-on with three levels of gamification.

Presenter: David Lerch

On Demand Webinars

How to Start an Esports Program at your School

Original Date: 05. 19. 2022
Presenter: Holly Kelly

It's time to pick up the controller and hit "start" on your district's esports program. Join us as we focus in on the background knowledge needed to start a successful esports program, including current trends, hardware/software recommendations, game and league options, coaching tips, potential costs, and more.

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Eric Santos

Illinois’ New Computer Science Standards

Original Date: 05. 17. 2022
Presenter: Eric Santos

ISBE has recently published a new set of K-12 computer science learning standards. How can we as school leaders and classroom educators develop programs that align with these standards and meet expectations? Come discover how!

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The Closer: Plug & Play Lessons to Finish the Year Strong

Original Date: 05. 11. 2022
Presenter: Rachel Henry

We’ve got your end-of-year lesson plans covered! Join us to discover how Everfi’s student-driven, standards-aligned, and self-graded resources can help your classroom finish out the school year on a high note.

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Sarah Phelps

Teaching Digital Citizenship with Technology Tools

Original Date: 05. 10. 2022
Presenter: Sarah Phelps

Today's students walk into our classroom with a mix of good and bad technology use habits. Let's help them become tomorrow's savvy, empathetic digital citizens using a variety of free resources that'll help them sharpen their media awareness and online privacy skills.

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Matt Jacobson

Supporting SEL with Technology Integration

Original Date: 05. 03. 2022
Presenter: Matt Jacobson

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is vitally important to our students’ success and well-being, both in school and beyond. Come discover how you can support students’ social-emotional learning through a variety of simple, accessible technology solutions.

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Steve Wick

Creativity and Student Voice – A Foundation for the 4 Cs

Original Date: 04. 26. 2022
Presenter: Steve Wick

Student voice can play a crucial role in the learning experience, regardless of subject area or grade level. Come discover how you can infuse more memorable opportunities to amplify those important voices through visual design, video creation, verbal responses, and more.

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Jennifer Leban

Concrete Ways Tech Can Support the Arts

Original Date: 04. 19. 2022
Presenter: Jennifer Leban

Between iPads, Procreate, and the Adobe CC suite, there are all kinds of tech tools available to today's creative minds. But how can we use those same tools to help our students unlock their own creativity? A National Board Certified visual arts teacher will show you how while highlighting best practices for making the most of your classroom's creativity-focused technology.

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Lindy Hockenbary

Engaging Students with Research-Based Strategies

Original Date: 04. 12. 2022
Presenter: Lindy Hockenbary

The concept of student engagement is frequently discussed in the education field. But have you ever thought about what research says about engagement? Tune into this 1-hour webinar to discover three research-backed strategies that you can begin utilizing in your classroom today.

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Mindy Fiscus

Emergency Connectivity Fund Round 3 – How To Apply and More

Original Date: 04. 08. 2022
Presenter: Mindy Fiscus

Have you heard? The FCC has announced a third round of Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) funding to help schools secure the tools and services needed to facilitate remote learning. Tune in to learn about how to apply as well as potential uses for these newly released federal funds.

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Promoting Student Creativity with Tech

Original Date: 04. 05. 2022
Presenter: LTC Staff

How can technology help us break free of our "cookie-cutter" lessons and support student voice and choice in the classroom? This 1-hour webinar will explore opportunities to integrate creativity-focused technologies into the classroom and highlight several concrete projects that can foster exploration in nearly any learning environment.

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Eric Santos

The STEM Lab Starter Kit

Original Date: 03. 29. 2022
Presenter: Eric Santos

Feeling ready to build a STEM Lab or Makerspace of your own? This is your chance to learn how to get started! Join this webinar for an overview of set-up related decision-making processes, as well as recommendations for the space, staff, curriculum, and equipment need to make your STEM/Maker vision a reality.

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Kristi Sutter

Developing a Maker’s Mindset

Original Date: 03. 22. 2022
Presenter: Kristi Sutter

With a maker's mindset, students can develop critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills that allow them to creatively solve problems both in and out of the classroom. This 1-hour webinar will highlight fresh ways to foster this skillset and help you discover the best ways to support students as they ideate, design, develop, and prototype solutions to real-world problems.

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Nicole Zumpano

Bring an LTC Technology Coach to your District

Original Date: 03. 15. 2022
Presenter: Nicole Zumpano

The LTC Instructional Technology Coach Program is a year-long opportunity through which neighboring districts cost-share a tech coach that helps educators improve teaching practices and enhance classroom integration of technology. Tune in to learn more about how our program can help your district achieve its tech integration and professional learning goals!

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Joe Cipfl

3D Printing FUNdamentals

Original Date: 03. 08. 2022
Presenter: Joe Cipfl

Is your district interested in adding 3D printing to the curriculum? Does your district currently have a 3D printer that’s just gathering dust? Even if you're just curious about using 3D printers in the classroom, make plans to join this informative conversation on the basics of 3D printing - led by one of the state's foremost educational 3D printing experts!

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How Can Maker Spaces Help Students in my Classroom?

Original Date: 03. 01. 2022
Presenter: LTC Staff

Everyone's talking about "maker spaces" in education. But what are they, really? And can they help students in other core and non-core curriculum classes learn, as well? Tune into this panel discussion to learn the ins and outs of maker spaces, including proven use cases that can ignite student interest and support student creativity & exploration.

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Lucia Cambria

Ensuring equity and access for all students with WCAG-compliant Newsela

Original Date: 02. 10. 2022
Presenter: Lucia Cambria

On September 2, 2021, Illinois signed a first-of-its-kind bill (HB 26 or “the WCAG bill”) requiring all online education tools and communications to comply with World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This webinar will offer insights into these new accessibility standards, including how schools can achieve and maintain compliance using a handy checklist and an assortment of productive Newsela resources.

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Jenn Skaltizky

One Size Does Not Fit All – Readily Available Resources to Support UDL

Original Date: 02. 08. 2022
Presenter: Jenn Skalitzky

At its very core, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) offers educators a versatile framework for creating flexible learning environments and accommodating individual learning needs. This 1-hour webinar will introduce participants to UDL's three basic tenants as well as numerous resources for appraising and implementing technology through a UDL lens, across grade levels and in numerous subject areas.

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Supporting Equity and Access with Technology

Original Date: 02. 01. 2022
Presenter: LTC Staff

As technology plays a more essential role in today's learning process, equity and access must remain front of mind. This 1-hour panel will highlight a few strategies educators can use today to keep the digital divide at bay. LTC staff members will also be on hand as the group works to answer the essential question, "How can I ensure that every student’s access to learning is equitably supported with technology?"

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Jenn Skaltizky

Staying Off Snapchat! Supporting Executive Function While Learning Online

Original Date: 01. 24. 2022
Presenter: Jenn Skalitzky

Many of today's students struggle with executive function skills, a challenge that can create barriers to learning online. Fortunately, help is on the way! This 1-hour training will introduce you to a bevy of tech tools and strategies for fostering time management and focus skills, including while students utilize mobile devices or Google Chrome.

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Show HOW You Know: Choice Boards in the Classroom

Original Date: 01. 18. 2022
Presenter: LTC Staff

When students take ownership of demonstrating what they've learned, they are more engaged and invested in the outcomes. For many students, the secret to internalizing what they've learned comes down to choice, and fortunately, today's tech tools make putting choice in students' hands easier than ever. Tune in to learn how choice boards can increase student engagement and change the way assessment looks in your classroom.

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