Professional Learning Services

Professional Learning Services

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Let us work with your organization to determine your needs and provide your audience with the cutting-edge EdTech professional learning they require to prepare our students for tomorrow.

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The State Leader in EdTech Professional Learning

A significant part of the LTC’s mission is to provide forward-thinking, impactful, technology-related professional learning to all Illinois school districts, schools, educators, and school personnel. Our regional services teams and subject matter experts provided 750+ professional learning events to 24,000 participants during the 2020-21 school year. All of our professional learning events are customizable to meet the unique needs of the target audience, and we frequently work with whole counties, district, school, and school-level teams. 

We are committed to providing the highest quality professional learning experiences possible. We utilize knowledgeable presenters and facilitators with extensive and diverse EdTech expertise. Presenters range from our own highly-trained and experienced LTC staff members to local and national practicing educators and experts. And since the LTC is an Illinois State Board of Education program, our professional learning programs are free or low cost to Illinois school districts.

Common Types of Professional Learning Experiences:

  • In-Person and Virtual Workshop
  • In-Person and Virtual Networking Events
  • Sessions at State Conferences
  • Summits and Conferences
  • Online Courses and Microcredentials
  • Webinars
  • Year-Long Professional Learning Series and Capacity Building Programs
  • Informational Presentations (Board Meetings, Parent Nights, etc.)
  • Customized Professional Learning Experiences

Our Focus Areas

Digital Learning Models

The approach to teaching and learning at a classroom, building, or district level.

  1. Technology Frameworks & Paradigms
  2. Virtual, Remote, and Blended Learning
  3. Technology-Enhanced Personalized Learning

Digital Teaching & Learning

The application of technology in education.

  1. Technology in the Content Areas
  2. Digital Citizenship
  3. Computer Science and Computational Thinking
  4. Creation and Creativity
  5. Emerging Technologies and Trends

Digital-Age Leadership & Capacity Building

Planning and leadership development.

  1. Leadership
  2. Technology Planning and Evaluation
  3. Technology Funding and Access
  4. Instructional Technology Coaching Practices and Models

Digital Tools, Apps, & Resources

Focused on specific tools and resources.

  1. Platforms: Apple, Google, Microsoft.
  2. Other Digital Tools, Apps, and Resources
  3. Open Education Resources

Technology Leadership & Support

Supporting technology leaders.

  1. Data Privacy
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Information Technology Management
  4. Purchasing

Professional Learning Catalog

Below is a catalog of professional learning offerings we often provide. This catalog can serve as a starting point for custom-designed experiences specific for your organization. A Google Doc version is also available.

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Take Your Classroom to Hyper Speed: Using the HyperDocs Concept with all Google Apps Tools

HyperDocs create an interactive learning experience for students, allowing them to explore content, create and curate digital artifacts that demonstrate what they know, think, feel, and understand. The misconception about HyperDocs is that they are simply Google documents with hyperlinks in them. However, when used appropriately, they can transform teaching and learning into interactive, engaging, student-centered environments. Similarly, a HyperDoc doesn’t have to be only a Google Document, in this session we will explore how to use the HyperDoc process to transform the learning experience using the full Google Suite: including Slides, Forms, Sheets, Drawings, and MyMaps.

Duration:3 hours or 6 hours

Teaching Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety

Students need the skills to stay safe and use technology responsibly during times of remote learning. Educators participating in this micro-credential will demonstrate their ability to support the safe and appropriate use of technology when students are unable to attend in-person classroom activities.

Duration:6.0 hours (3 hrs synchronous, 3 hrs asynchronous)

Teaching with Chromebooks

Teaching with Chromebooks is a practical workshop that will help you unlock the potential of Chromebooks and web-based tools in your classroom. Are you using your Chromebooks to their full potential? This workshop will help you use them for more than just math games and Google Docs. You will learn useful Chromebook tips and implement strategies that will help you design better lessons and work more efficiently. Participants in this workshop will discover:

  • Core features of your Chromebook.
  • Practical and creative ways to teach with Chromebooks.
  • Settings that will make your life easier and help you stay organized.
  • Simple and effective classroom management solutions.
  • Why Chromebooks, Drive, and Classroom are the perfect combination for teachers.
  • The best apps and extensions for various subject areas.
  • How to use Chromebooks to support students with special needs.
  • Locked quiz mode for Chromebooks.
Duration:3-6 hours

Tech Tools for Accessibility

Technology has afforded schools the opportunity to provide services for students that need extra support in their learning. While these tools can be utilized in a special education environment, they also have great impact for all students. Join us as we explore what tools are available for devices using Google Chrome.

Duration:1-3 hours
Networking Event

Technology Roundtable

A facilitated discussion around the theme of technology infrastructure, support, and services. During the session, the facilitator will briefly introduce the topic, provide a list of resources, and then facilitate an informal discussion that explores emerging trends, challenges, and benefits.

Duration:2 hours

The Flipped Classroom

Did you create A LOT of digital content during remote/hybrid learning? If so, then you are ready to flip your classroom! It’s the next logical step in your technology integration. The time is now! Join us for some EdTech inspiration and motivation as we discuss getting past the barriers to flipping your curriculum. The flipped classroom is a pedagogical model where the traditional lecture and homework elements are reversed. Pre-recorded digital content is viewed before class. In-class time is repurposed so students can inquire about lecture content, apply their knowledge, and participate in hands-on activities. By reversing the traditional lecture and homework elements and integrating engaged-learning activities, educators can transition their class from a teacher-centered to a learner-centered environment. Making this transition will completely change the dynamics of the classroom and revolutionize your curriculum. Come discover the possibilities offered by the flipped classroom model as we explore the technology that will make implementation in your classroom a breeze.

Duration:1-6 hours

The Google Tools You Never Knew Existed

Are you looking for a way to maximize all the Google apps but are unsure how some of them would even integrate into your curriculum? In this session, we will explore a couple of different Google tools that you may not know about – Google Jamboard, Google My Maps, and taking virtual field trips with Google Maps and Treks! Jamboard allows you to create a collaborative whiteboard space for your students to explore different learning concepts. Google My Maps allows students or teachers to create personalized maps that have amazing applications across content areas! Your students can take virtual field trips with Google Maps street view and Google Maps Treks. Join us for an incredible learning experience!

Duration:1 - 3 hours

The Importance of SEL During Remote Learning

Remote learning can sometimes make students feel isolated and alone. Social and emotional learning activities can help students become an active part of their learning community when they cannot be present for in-person instruction. Additionally, educators can also feel stressed and distanced from their students and colleagues. Participants who successfully complete this micro=credential will demonstrate the skills and understandings to support positive student social and emotional health, as well as appropriate educator self-care strategies.

Duration:6.0 hours (3 hrs synchronous, 3 hrs asynchronous)