IT Summer Summit and Showcase Proposals

IT Summer Summit and Showcase

Online | June 15, 16, 17 | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

About the Summit & Showcase

Each summer, the Learning Technology Center (LTC) brings together a collaborative community of educational technology peers. The IT Summer Summit and Showcase provides an exchange of techniques and ideas while highlighting tools and resources for building strategies to aid Illinois school districts with technology integration and support. We invite both education technology leaders and industry experts to submit a proposal.


The LTC IT Summer Summit and Showcase attendees represent the technology leaders in PK-12 institutions throughout Illinois. Our attendees have varied roles in education and technology: administrators, IT directors and support, curriculum directors, media specialists, technology integration specialists, instructional coaches, and others charged with technology implementations within their institution.


Presentations will be by peer experts and innovators who are making a difference across the state in PK-12 education. They will share best practices, innovative ideas, and provide valuable perspectives and solutions to today’s challenging edtech problems. Each session lasts 30 minutes. 

We encourage all presenters to have real-time support to lead conversations and answer questions in the chat portion of the platform.

Examples Topics: 

  • Share how your district uses a management dashboard or a software program to manage devices or wifi. 
  • Share successes or challenges.

Example Format: 

Although each presenter determines the structure of their session, many will use the following structure:

  • 1 minute for Introduction
  • 15 minutes to Share Topic
  • 5 minutes to Share Additional Resources to learn more
  • 5 minutes for Questions and Answers

Vendor Topics: 

ILTPP Vendor Partners representing technology-related products and services are invited to submit a proposal for one of 6 select 30-minute sessions. Recorded presentations from vendors MUST include a panel-style conversation with an Illinois PK-12 customer or a case study review of how your product or service will increase communication, collaboration, and the overall quality of education. Proposals from vendors without a customer/co-presenter (school, district, or state level user of your product/service) will NOT be considered. 

FORM: FY21 IT Summer Summit and Showcase


10 Word Maximum - may be edited for publication.
350 Word Maximum - may be edited for publication.
To help bring the content to life and make it actionable, please clearly define how your session will support attendees in implementing and applying the knowledge learned during your session. Complete this sentence: “By attending this session, attendees will be able to….”
if applicable, please specify the product(s) to be discussed during the session (100-word maximum(

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