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March 3, 2020
3:30 PM – 4:15 PM

Badge-IT: Microcredentials Made Easy with G Suite

Peek over a kid’s shoulders as they play their favorite video games, and you’re likely to see some form of micro-credential system – badges, trophies, achievements – that they unlock as they conquer new parts of the game. It keeps them interested, rewards them for continued progress, and keeps things competitive.

Similarly, our Badge-I.T. mission is to help teachers break down their professional development goals into small, manageable chunks of micro-mastery. With our badging system, teachers build their proficiency in one specific area of Instructional Technology at a time… and get rewarded with SWAG!

Check out our site at bit.ly/d83badges, or download our app at badgeit.glideapp.io. Interested? Join us to learn how we built the system, automated it, gained teacher buy-in, and how we continue marketing self-paced learning and innovation!

Presenters: Eric Santos and Dana Weber – Technology Learning Coaches, Mannheim District 83

Teachers, Coaches, Library/Media, Administrators

March 12, 2020
1:00 PM – 1:45 PM

Technology Integration and Management @ DIST228

James Roodhouse, District Technologist at Geneseo CUSD 228, shares his experiences with technology integration and management in his role. District 228 is a medium-sized school district with 2500 students, 170 teachers & administrators. The district has implemented open Wi-Fi at all buildings. Students and staff are encouraged to save data from expensive phone data plans and use the district connection. Currently, the district utilizes 1800 Chromebooks, 600 iPads, and 200 MacBook Airs actively in use. This webinar will share how District 228 maintains both the network as well as the devices.

Presenter: James Roodhouse – District Technologist/Systems Administrator, Geneseo CUSD 228

Technology Leadership, IT Staff, Administrators

March 17, 2020
3:30 PM – 4:15 PM

Tech Talk – Learning Spaces for Student Success

Tech Talks are a virtual roundtable for participants to share what they are doing in their schools and ask questions of others. Turn on your camera and mic and join the conversation.

This Tech Talk will focus on Learning Spaces in schools. We will share thoughts and ideas on redesigning learning spaces such as classrooms, libraries/media centers, makerspaces, common areas, and more. Discussion questions will be provided, but please bring your questions and/or information to share with others.

Teachers, Coaches, Library/Media, Administrators
Technology Leadership, IT Staff, Administrators

April 7, 2020
3:30 PM – 4:15 PM

Connected Educators and Virtual Field Trips

In this connected world of streaming content live as it happens, we need to look at how we can harness that global connection in our classrooms! How can we connect with other classrooms, cultures, and experts? How can we bring experiences from all across the globe right into our classrooms with the power of technology? Join me as we explore Google Earth, Hangouts, Tour Creator, Arts & Culture, and FlipGrid to connect with other classrooms and create virtual experiences for our students. Many of these sites have pre-made experiences ready to go as well as the ability to customize experiences to your classroom objectives. When you turn these tools over to your students, they can create unique digital experiences to demonstrate & share their learning as well as connect with other classrooms across the globe.

Presenter: Julie Powell – Instructional Technology Coach, Park Ridge-Niles CCSD64

Teachers, Coaches, Library/Media, Administrators

April 16, 2020
1:00 PM – 1:45 PM

E-Rates PIA Review

The Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) review process can cause E-Rate coordinators effort and stress. It’s important to remain calm and get organized in order to prepare for the impending review. This webinar will cover some organizing tips, examples of questions and responses and contact information of individuals who are here to help districts answer USAC questions when the time comes.

Presenter: Mindy Fiscus – Digital Access Coordinator and State E-Rate Coordinator, Learning Technology Center of Illinois

Technology Leadership, IT Staff, Administrators

Below are the previously recorded webinars that the Learning Technology Center has hosted. Clock hours are not available for watching an archived webinar.

E-Rates 471 Tips and Tricks

LTC Digital Access Coordinator and IL State E-Rate Coordinator, Mindy Fiscus assists school districts across IL in filing for the E-Rate federal reimbursement program for internet access and network equipment. This overview of the 471 application will point out minor changes and navigation ‘tricks’ to expedite the process of completing the form. The walkthrough will also showcase the level of detail required to meet the FCC and USAC requirements. Information related to both internet access and internal connections applications will be shared. A more detailed, hands-on workshop will be provided in multiple locations across the state

Presenter: Mindy Fiscus – Digital Access Coordinator and State E-Rate Coordinator, Learning Technology Center of Illinois
Recorded: February 20, 2020

Google Earth: The New Mentor Text

When Google Earth is used as a mentor text, it becomes an empathy machine inspiring students to expand outwards beyond the classroom with curiosity and care. Learn how Earth’s many applications can be incorporated within inquiry-based instruction when students use Earth Voyager as an engaging nonfiction text and demonstrate their understanding with Tour Builder.

Presenter: Tarah Tesmer – Instructional Technology Specialist, Woodridge School District 68
Recorded: February 18, 2020

E-Learning Days: Guidance and Best Practices for Administrators

How do you draft an E-Learning Plan that has more than a “snowball’s chance” of being accepted? This informative and interactive session will help school and district administrators navigate the new requirements and draft a high-quality and inclusive E-Learning Plan. This webinar will give an overview of:

– An orientation to E-Learning Day legislation and ISBE’s requirements.
– Ways to identify potential E-Learning Day issues, and how to plan accordingly.
– Guidance on what to include in your application to help you move closer to an acceptable E-Learning Day plan.

Matt Jacobson – Online Learning Specialist, LTC
Recorded: February 13, 2020

Teaching Girls to Code and Change the World

At Girls Who Code, we believe that all girls are capable of making a positive impact on the world through computer science. That is why we are leading the movement to close the gender gap in technology and change the image of what a programmer looks like and does. Join us to learn more about how to encourage girls in your community to connect their new coding skills and confidence with real world problems they care about!

During this webinar presentation, we will be featuring our Girls Who Code Clubs, which are completely free after-school programs for 6th-12th grade girls to join a sisterhood of supportive peers and role models and use computer science to change the world. Through fun and interactive curricula, Club girls not only learn about how to positively impact their community through code, but they also are taught to be brave and resilient which has enormous impact on how they approach challenges and whether they stick with coding in the years to come.

Presenter: Chelsey Echevarria – Regional Partnership Coordinator, Girls Who Code
Recorded: February 4, 2020

Using TikTok in the Classroom and Beyond!

“Mr. Rinkel! You’re TikTok famous!” I’ve heard this phrase via email, messages and as I walked around my school. At the beginning of the school year (September 2019), I heard students and my children talking about TikTok, but had no clue of the app’s potential for education. This session will focus on my journey into TikTok, uses in the classroom, precautions and more! I’ll also discuss how we can use TikTok as a relationship builder with students as well as encouraging teachers across the globe.

Presenter: Jeremy Rinkel – English Teacher, Cowden Herrick High School
Recorded: January 21, 2020

National Standards for Quality Online Learning

Standards for K-12 quality online learning have been released! Providing a current set of quality, openly licensed standards for online learning initiated the partnership between the Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance and Quality Matters. The group led a year-long initiative to revise the National Standards for Quality Online Learning, building on the work of iNACOL. Over 200 contributors from various organizations representing the field worked on the project. The standards provide the K12 community with guidance to evaluate and improve online courses, teaching and programs.

Participants will receive access to the NSQ standards, research used to revise the standards, and details of the changes made to the previously used iNACOL standards.

Christine Voelker – K-12 Program Director, Quality Matters
Cindy Hamblin – Director, Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance
Recorded: January 7, 2020

A Design Thinking Approach to Education

By the time our students enter the working world, the technology that we teach them today will more than likely be obsolete. How then, can we best prepare them for the workplace that they will encounter? The answer lies in two concepts that will never become obsolete: innovation and creativity. The Design Thinking framework gives us the ability to develop a creative problem-solving mindset when looking at situations. This framework can be brought into our classrooms to create an atmosphere that focuses on collaboration, research, and creativity. During this webinar we will explore the framework and look at ways you can bring design thinking into your classroom!

Presenter: Ben Sondgeroth – Regional Education Technology Coordinator, Learning Technology Center of Illinois
Recorded: December 17, 2019

Coding Resources for K-12

In order to create a computer science program for her district, Sarah has done extensive research to produce a program that her students enjoy and that is truly helping them build computer science fundamental skills. Through that research, and implementation in her own classroom, she’s found some fantastic resources that help both her students as well as her own children get excited about computer science concepts that she loves to share with others! This webinar with present resources for pre-readers through advanced programmers.

Presenter: Sarah Phelps – Elementary Computer Science/STEM Enrichment Teacher, Triad CUSD 2
Recorded: December 10, 2019

E-Rate 470 Demo

The E-rate 470 form opens the bidding process for services related to internet access and network equipment that schools and libraries need to operate in today’s educational environment. This webinar will provide an overview of the form itself and will provide time for Q&A related to the program and this form in particular.

Presenter: Mindy Fiscus – Digital Access Coordinator and State E-Rate Coordinator, Learning Technology Center of Illinois
Recorded: December 5, 2019

Leveraging Alexa as a Learning Aid for Students

Learn how to leverage AI in your classroom through the use of new technologies like Amazon’s Alexa. Voice technology allows for screen-free interactions and gives students much needed life-skills practice in the areas of forming questions and focused listening.

Presenter: Sam Mormando – Director of Technology, Innovation, and Online Learning, Garnet Valley School District
Recorded: November 21, 2019

STEAM Resource for K-5 Classrooms

K-5 teachers are charged with the heavy load of implementing a vast array of standards. Fitting these standards into an already packed school day while teaching each subject with fidelity present unique challenges. Incorporating a STEAM challenge can combine multiple standards from a cross-curricular lesson plan. STEAM Challenges are great ways to practice SEL skills and inquiry questioning. Join us to explore a downloadable resource to get started.

Presenter: Lisa Ward – Learning Supports Content Area Specialist, Illinois Classrooms in Action
Recorded: November 19, 2019

Science Journal by Google

Turn phones into a science lab using the free Google Science Journal App. Explore features that are available in the app like sound intensity, pitch, brightness, and learn experiments that you can do with your students tomorrow.

Presenter: Lisa Schwartz – Regional Education Technology Coordinator, Learning Technology Center of Illinois
Recorded: November 5, 2019

Show, Don’t Tell: Why Infographics Matter in the Classroom

Educators of all kinds know that using visuals is one of the strongest learning aids they can use with students. No matter how old students are or what individual skills they have, visuals drive the point home and make ideas easier to remember. Infographics are perfect to help students visualize data and use it to tell a story. The process of making infographics helps students improve their research skills, find trustworthy sources of information, and meet tech literacy standards. Join us to learn all about infographics, data sources, and the best digital tools to make your own.

Presenter: Joe Cipfl – Regional Education Technology Coordinator, Learning Technology Center of Illinois
Recorded: October 29, 2019

Getting to Know GAM

In this webinar, you will learn all about what GAM is and isn’t. You will also see a demonstration on how to get GAM set up and how to use it to automate and streamline your day in day out administration of GSuite for Education.

Presenter: Matt Ogle – Director of IT, Eastern Illinois Area of Special Education
Recorded: October 24, 2019

Creating a Culture of Digital Citizenship

Looking for new and engaging digital citizenship resources? Common Sense Education has an all-new Digital Citizenship Curriculum free to all schools. The revamped curriculum helps prepare this generation of young learners to critically develop the skills and habits of mind as they face dilemmas in the digital world. The curriculum is guided by the research of Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and addresses current issues students face, including cyberbullying, online privacy, hate speech, news literacy, and more. The new lessons include real-life scenarios, new videos, and engaging activities that help students explore complex topics. Take-home advice and activities are provided for parents.

Presenter: Jessica Lura – Director of Teaching and Learning, Bullis Charter School and Common Sense Education Ambassador
Recorded: October 15, 2019

E-Rate Updates

Come find out what the latest information is for the federal E-rate program! This webinar will focus on the most current information on Category 2 changes, Eligible Services, and state programs that support and leverage state E-rate funding.

Presenter: Mindy Fiscus – Digital Access Coordinator and State E-Rate Coordinator, Learning Technology Center of Illinois
Recorded: October 10, 2019

Why Esports and Is It Worth It?

Join Brock Frazier, Esports Head Coach at Massac Unit 1, as he shares information he has gathered the past few years about starting an Esports team for the High School level. He has seen success in areas and learned lessons in others, all for the benefit of the club and team. He will talk about some fundraising options he has explored, as well as the different leagues and tournaments his team has experienced. Brock is dedicated to continuing to help Esports grow in the State of Illinois and beyond.

Presenter: Brock Frazier – Head Esports Coach – Massac Unit 1
Recorded: October 1, 2019

Why You Need Commitments (486) and Invoicing (BEAR/SPI)

The less publicized, and imperative part of the E-rate funding process is upon us. The program’s request applications (470/471) get most of the attention because they are more detailed and longer. However, you won’t get any money (and really isn’t that the point of all this work) unless you complete the 486 form to confirm your services and the 472/BEAR form to collect your funds. Many districts do all the work up front and then forget the follow through. This webinar will focus on the importance of these forms, will walk through the information needed to complete them and easy to use search tools to confirm that you have done everything you need to in order to get your money.

Presenter: Mindy Fiscus – Digital Access Coordinator and State E-Rate Coordinator, Learning Technology Center of Illinois
Recorded: September 26, 2019

Resources to Teach Digital Wellness & Online Safety

As our world moves more online, students are faced with learning to balance their online and offline lives while preparing for a technology-driven future. Students spend an average of 8.5 hours using technology every day, so it’s important to prepare them to be Digital Citizens who can navigate the online world safely and appropriately in both their academic and personal lives. In this session, teachers will be given free access to Ignition, a brand-new online course from EVERFI that teaches students about digital wellness. Ignition helps students acknowledge the benefits of digital communities and resources while guiding them to successfully navigate potential pitfalls in their digital lives. Teachers who attend will gain full access to the online course, supplemental offline resources, and ongoing technical and curricular support, all at no cost. Best fit for grades 6-9.

Presenter: Lauren Pingul – Senior Schools Manager, EVERFI
Recorded: September 17, 2019

Checking the Checkboxes: NIST Cybersecurity Framework

This webinar will look at a “checklist” known as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework including the 5 functions, 23 categories, and 108 subcategories. We will examine the overall list but also start checking the checkboxes to secure your schools. Click here for more information on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Presenter: Chris Wherley – Network and Technology Services Coordinator, Learning Technology Center of Illinois
Recorded: September 12. 2019

2018 - 2019 Webinar Recordings

Engaging Students with Minecraft

This session will investigate several different ways to introduce Minecraft in the classroom as a tool to increase student engagement and provide fun options for student projects. We will look at both options for student lead and teacher lead projects as well as investigate some of the useful tools available for teachers looking for project leads.

Presenter: Christopher Johnson, Minecraft Global Mentor
Recorded: September 4. 2018

E-Rate State Matching Grant Opportunity

State funds are now available for school districts to improve broadband access to the Internet. As part of the Illinois State Board of Education’s budget, the Illinois Legislature and Governor approved a $16.3 million state matching fund to ensure that all K-12 public schools are able to access fiber infrastructure. Combined with E-rate Category 1 funds, this additional funding could reduce or eliminate the local funding share for these projects. Funding will be made available through an ISBE grant that will be released this fall. This webinar will outline this amazing opportunity made possible with the support of the IL K-12 Illinois Classroom Connectivity Project.

Presenter: Mindy Fiscus, LTC Digital Access Coordinator
Recorded: September 11, 2018

Admin Console for G Suite for Education

This session will explore the Admin Console for managing your G Suite for Education implementation. We will look at the areas for managing Chromebooks, users and groups, apps, and extensions, and the Andriod app functionality available for Chromebooks. There will be time for questions and answers.

Presenter: Chris Wherley, Network and Technology Services Coordinator for the LTC
Recorded: September 18, 2018

Tech Tools Takeaway-Overview of IL Classrooms in Action

Join us for an overview of Illinois Classrooms in Action’s Technology website. All resources vetted on this website are FREE for educators and aligned for use within classroom technology integration. In addition to the overview, we will explore a couple of tools to support parent and family connections.

Presenter: Lisa Ward, ISBE Content Specialist
Recorded: September 25, 2018

Let’s ALL Mystery Skype!

Mystery Skype is a unique educational game that engages all age groups and applies to all curricular subjects. The objective of the game is to uncover the mystery of the other classroom by asking questions that encourage the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students work together to solve the challenge. As the game unfolds students begin to notice similarities with each other. They also become inquisitive about our differences. The genuine exchange between the classes as they play opens hearts and minds. Connecting our students with the world and promoting global citizenship builds a deeper understanding and empathy for other lifestyles and societies.

Presenter: Gina Ruffcorn, Skype Master Teacher
Recorded: October 2, 2018

The Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC): New Illinois State Alliance!

This session will outline the work of the Student Data Privacy Consortium and the newest state Alliance – IL! You will hear the history of the Consortium, membership make-up and how various tools available for any identified districts addressing their student data privacy concerns.

Presenter:Larry Fruth II, PhD, Executive Director/CEO for Access for Learning – Student Data Privacy Consortium
Recorded: October 9, 2018

E-Rate Webinar

This webinar will cover FY18-19 updates to the Federal E-Rate Program. We will also be discussing impending October floating deadlines for the 486 and BEAR 472 forms. Questions and discussion will be encouraged!

Presenter: Mindy Fiscus, LTC Digital Access Coordinator
Recorded: October 16, 2018

Tech Tool Takeaway-Seesaw!

Join us as we explore Seesaw.me. This is a “social media” style way to document what is happening in the classroom. Educators can use this to support student led conference, student reflection and peer review, gather artifacts for their own reflection and use with evaluations. All grade levels and content areas, from Kindergarten to AP Chemistry can utilize this tool to enhance and streamline their activities.

Presenter: Lisa Ward, ISBE Content Specialist
Recorded: October 23, 2018

Getting Started with Augmented and Virtual Reality

Preparing to implement augmented and virtual reality in the classroom can be extremely successful with a thoughtful plan. Learn the basic of AR and VR, while gaining some insight into best practices for use in the classroom. This technology isn’t only for the techie educator, but all classrooms using the devices that are already available. Get the foundation to begin using immersive technology to transform your lessons into an interactive playground.

Presenter: Jaime Donally, Founder of #ARVRinEDU
Recorded: November 6, 2018

Google Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Workflow

Is your Drive a mess? Do you need some organizational how-tos? Learn some Google tips and tricks to improve your workflow. Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail and other Google tools will be addressed.

Presenter: Nicole Zumpano, Regional Education Technology Coordinator for the LTC
Recorded: November 13, 2018

Common Sense Cybersecurity Controls for K-12 Schools

The K-12 Cyber Incident Map has documented over 350 cybersecurity incidents affecting U.S. K-12 schools since 2016, resulting in the disclosure of student and educator data, the loss of taxpayer dollars, and the loss of instructional time. Based on lessons learned from these incidents, this session will describe practical and cost-effective steps that schools can take to reduce the prevalence and severity of the cybersecurity incidents they are most likely to face.

Presenter: Doug Levin, President of EdTech Strategies, LLC
Recorded: November 20, 2018

Technology for Social Emotional Learning

Would you like to bring in some Social Emotional Learning technology resources? This webinar will explore a few resources available for K-12 that support open discussions and activities about empathy, courage, self-regulation, teamwork, decision making, and many more skills.

Presenter: Lisa Ward, ISBE Content Specialist
Recorded: November 27, 2018

Coding in the Classroom

Thinking about teaching coding in the classroom? This session will cover the hows and whys, share creative, authentic examples of coding across the curriculum, and provide resources to get started with coding in the K-12 classroom.

Presenter: Karrin Burns – Teacher @ Lincoln Elementary, River Forest
Recorded: December 4, 2018

Powerful Ways to Engage Your Students Using Google Classroom

Google Classroom provides teachers and students a powerful learning space to organize and effectively manage digital coursework. This webinar will combine explanation and exploration of Google Classroom as a means of streamlining workflow while engaging students in authentic learning experiences.

Presenter: Ben Sondgeroth, Regional Educational Technology Coordinator for the LTC
Recorded: December 11, 2018

Google Scripting

During this webinar, we will explore the possibilities of adding functionality to Google Apps with Google Apps Script and Google App Maker. We will examine examples, steps for getting started, and resources to help.

Presenter: Chris Wherley, LTC Network and Technology Services Coordinator

Recorded: December 18, 2018

Creating Digital Textbooks Using CK-12

Would you like to integrate more meaningful digital resources into your STEM curriculum, but have no budget to do so? CK-12 is an excellent Open Education Resource (OER) that is free and easy to use. CK-12 FlexBooks are online platforms for assembling, authoring, and distributing interactive, multi-modal educational content.

Presenter: Joe Cipfl, Regional Educational Technology Coordinator for the LTC
Recorded: January 8, 2019

Genius Hour – Time to Get Your Hands Dirty

This webinar will move you through the steps of Genius Hour and how it really feels to go through the process. By remembering how it feels to be a learner we can understand the struggle often felt by our students. We will chat through some tips and tricks to a successful implementation of Genius Hour and the various ways of allowing it to thrive in your teaching and learning.

Presenter: Kim Darche, Instructional Coach @ SD113A
Recorded: January 15, 2019

E-Rate 470 Form Walkthrough

LTC Digital Access Coordinator and IL State E-Rate Coordinator, Mindy Fiscus will walk through the filing of a 470 Form for E-Rate. The FCC Form 470 (Description of Services Requested and Certification Form) opens the required competitive bidding process. This form must be filed in the EPC application portal at least 28 days before selecting a service provider for the following school year. This webinar will walk through the process and showcase the different services and equipment types that are eligible for E-Rate reimbursement through the FCC.

Presenter: Mindy Fiscus, LTC Digital Access Coordinator and IL State E-Rate Coordinator
Recorded: January 22, 2019

Assessment Platforms for the Classroom

Do your students need to practice tech-enhanced answers? How about feedback tools with audio and video components? This webinar will explore online tools that allow educators to create their own assessment content and select any of 60+ questions types. Educators can also find questions other educators have created matched to standards.

Presenter: Lisa Ward, ISBE Content Specialist
Recorded: January 29, 2019

The 8 C’s of PBL

The 4 C’s are a popular topic in education right now. I think we can do better!! Let’s integrate technology into PBL and watch our classrooms transform. This entertaining session will address the 4 C’s and introduce 4 more C’s that you can provide your students through technology used in PBL. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn researched benefits, helpful tips, awesome project ideas, popular methods, and some tech tools used to excite students through PBL.

Presenter: Chad LeDune, CTE/STEM Teacher, Southwest School Corporation
Recorded: February 5, 2019

Free Digital Tools to Teach Character Education

Learn about and gain access to FREE digital resources that will help teachers build a strong foundation in digital awareness and healthy lifestyles for students. The resources cover topics like compassion, mental health, bullying, leadership, and digital literacy. They are student-driven, standards-aligned and have assessments embedded into them. Attendees will receive login credentials, ongoing support, offline lesson plans and access to scholarship opportunities for students, all at NO COST.

Presenter: Lauren Pingul, Illinois School Manager – Everfi
Recorded: February 12, 2019

E-Rate 471: Tips, Tricks, and What Not to Miss

LTC Digital Access Coordinator and IL State E-Rate Coordinator, Mindy Fiscus assists school districts across IL in filing for the E-Rate federal reimbursement program for internet access and network equipment. This overview of the 471 application will point out minor changes and navigation ‘tricks’ to expedite the process of completing the form. The walkthrough will also showcase the level of detail required to meet the FCC and USAC requirements. Information related to both internet access and internal connections applications will be shared. A more detailed, hands-on workshop will be provided in multiple locations across the state (https://ltcillinois.org/erateworkshops/).

Presenter: Mindy Fiscus, LTC Digital Access Coordinator and IL State E-Rate Coordinator
Recorded: February 19, 2019

STEM Read: Learn the STEM. Live the Book!

STEM Read creates fun, hands-on games based and online resources based on popular fiction books. Our high-energy, interactive field trips give students a chance to interact with text, participate in problem-solving challenges, and explore cool STEM concepts. Our events feature books like I Survived by Lauren Tarshis, Fuzzy Mud by Louis Sachar, Quarantine by Lex Thomas, Feed by M.T. Anderson, and more. Join STEM Read Director Gillian King-Cargile to learn about our philosophy for selecting books and creating interdisciplinary activities, explore our free online resources, and see how you can use STEM Read’s standards-aligned games to inspire students at your school or library.

Presenter: Gillian King-Cargile, STEM Read Director
Recorded: March 5, 2019

Get Organized with Symbaloo

Do you bookmark a webpage and forget about it? Explore Symbaloo with me and how you can help yourself and your students organize your web pages and not forget about them. Symbaloo is a visual bookmarking tool that helps organize the web pages you use.

Presenter: Lisa Schwartz, Regional Education Technology Coordinator for the LTC
Recorded: March 12, 2019

Implementing Google Sites For Your Domain

This webinar will cover a technical run-through of how one school district implemented Google Sites to replace an outdated school website. Topics will include back-end setup regarding service accounts, sharing permissions, Google Drive integration, naked domain URL redirection, and a quick sharing about the pros and cons of using Google Sites.

Presenter: Daniel Baker, Technology Director – Polo Community School District #222
Recorded: March 19, 2019

Literacy Supports for All Content Areas

The process of writing can sometimes be daunting. Students need to work through the planning, drafting, revising, and publishing their work. How many of our students jump right to “I’m done” and ready to publish? We will explore a few tools that will walk students through the writing process. We will also discuss many other tools to support literacy.

Presenter: Lisa Ward, ISBE Content Specialist
Recorded: March 26, 2019

Creating Digital Math Manipulatives with Google Slides

Math manipulatives help students of all ages engage with and develop an understanding of a wide variety of math concepts. In many cases, educators might not have the resources to utilize these tools in their classroom. Learn how you can leverage the technology already being utilized in the classroom to create digital math manipulatives like base ten blocks, integer counters, algebra tiles, and more.

Presenter: Brian Bates, LTC Digital Learning Coordinator
Recorded: April 2, 2019

Future Ready: Moving Schools Forward

Future Ready Schools® (FRS) helps K-12 public, private, and charter school leaders plan and implement personalized, research-based digital learning strategies so all students can achieve their full potential. This webinar will feature an overview of the program and resources available for FREE online. FRS provides resources and support to ensure that digital learning plans align with best practices and are 100% aligned to the guidance provided by the US Dept. of Education regarding ESSA’s Title IV planning requirements. Come join the conversation to hear how FRS can help your district move forward today!

Presenter: Mindy Fiscus, LTC Digital Access Coordinator and State E-Rate Coordinator
Recorded: April 9, 2019

E-Rate PIA Review – How to Prepare

After you file and certify an FCC Form 471 within the filing window, Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) reviewers at USAC check the information on your form for completeness and accuracy and may have additional questions for you to answer. It’s important to remember you have done nothing wrong, this review is all a part of the wonderful E-Rate process. Checks and balances are important to ensure that all participants are following the same guidance and standards.

This review process can cause E-Rate coordinators effort and stress. It’s important to remain calm and get organized in order to prepare for the impending review. This webinar will cover some organizing tips, examples of questions and responses and contact information of individuals who are here to help districts answer USAC questions when the time comes.

Presenter: Mindy Fiscus, LTC Digital Access Coordinator and State E-Rate Coordinator
Recorded: April 16, 2019

Canvas Learning Management System – Canvas LMS

Are you still searching for the right learning management system? The idea of implementing a new LMS can be daunting. But the truth is, it’s not as hard as it seems. In fact, it’s pretty easy and flexible. Join the Learning Technology Center (LTC) and Canvas LMS for this exclusive webinar as they breakdown the whys, and prove it’s not as overwhelming as many think. Plan to see a demo of the real-time, bi-directional integration and how a new LMS can be adapted to your district, school, and teacher needs.

What to expect:
– See the Canvas Student, Teacher and Admin Experience
– SIS integration and what that really means
– Discussion surrounding “Why Canvas”
– LTC partnership and how your district can benefit

Tim McIlvain – Director, Learning Technology Center
Dr. Jami Domeny – Solutions Engineer, Canvas
Megan Lozano – Regional Director, Canvas
Recorded: April 17, 2019

Google Add-Ons

What can Google Add-ons do within Docs, Forms, Sheets or Slides? Whether you are looking for a way for students to be more creative or finding resources to streamline your data processing, there are Add-ons to help!

Presenter: Lisa Ward, ISBE Content Specialist
Recorded: April 23, 2019

10 Questions to Support Space Design Decisions

The WHERE kids learn matters, and schools and districts can make proactive decisions about how to design and craft the spaces where kids learn. This webinar will lead with the questions that all educators should consider as they build a designer’s mindset in their organization. Using these questions will support a sync between instructional practices, technology tools, and space design.

Presenter: Robert Dillon, Director of Innovative Learning – School District of University City
Recorded: April 30, 2019

Multiple Models of Making

When you hear the term “makerspace” do you think of a large room filled with expensive equipment like 3D printers and laser engravers? While this is the case for some makerspaces, there are many models of makerspaces for schools, including ones that exist within the walls of a classroom. This session will overview three models of school makerspaces, highlighting the unique features and considerations of each, and showcasing examples of each model. If you’re interested in starting a makerspace, or if you already have a successful maker program and are looking for additional resources, join us in this session as we explore everything from planning, projects, products, and funding.

Presenter: Heather Lister, Founder – Construct Learning
Recorded: May 7, 2019

Review of D90 Data Breach Exercise

Kevin Martin, Tech Director at River Forest, will review D90’s Technology Committee Password Data Breach Exercise and planned next steps for the district. Find out how you can conduct your own exercise in your district.

Presenter: Kevin Martin – Technology Director, River Forest 90
Recorded: May 14, 2019

Interactive Simulations

Math and Science content can be greatly enhanced with the introduction and use of simulations. Educators can share the simulations first via a project/interactive board. Then students will be able to manipulate variables to discover more deeply the concepts.

Presenter: Lisa Ward, ISBE Content Specialist
Recorded: May 21, 2019

Interactive Simulations

District leaders from West Chicago 94, Gurnee 56, and Leyden 212 share how the e-learning day option provides an opportunity to engage students during building closures. Speakers will share their unique approaches to planning, implementing, and evaluating e-learning days. This webinar will be of interest to district and building administrators, curriculum directors, and IT directors.

Presenter: Tim McIlvain, Learning Technology Center
Recorded: June 18, 2019