K-12 Data & Security Symposium

K12 Data & Security Symposium

April 19, 2018 // IEA Professional Development Center, Springfield
April 20, 2018 // Ashton Place, Willowbrook

A one-day professional development event focused on data use and security for education leaders and IT staff.


The Learning Technology Centers, in partnership with the Illinois State Board of Education, is facilitating a free, one-day data and security symposium on April 19 and April 20. Participants will be able to identify current legal requirements for data security, discuss K-12 privacy and data security concerns and best practices, and hear updates regarding ISBE’s Education Data Systems, including Ed360, SIS, MyIRC, and the Illinois Report Card.

Target Audience: Administrators, teacher leaders, data experts, and technology staff in school districts who are responsible for collecting, maintaining, reporting, or certifying student data.

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PD Hours: 6

Cost: Free

Dates & Venues

The K-12 Data & Security Symposium will be held at two locations. The schedule for each day is similar.

April 19, 2018
IEA Professional Development Center
3440 Liberty Drive, Springfield, IL

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April 20, 2018
Ashton Place
341 75th St, Willowbrook, IL 60527

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Additional sessions are being finalized. Final session schedules will be published in mid-March.


Review and discussion of real-life scenarios on FERPA and its applicability to your institution. Participants have an opportunity for interactive Questions and Answers.

Data Breach Response Plan and Training

An interactive role-based simulation of a K-12 district-level data breach, focusing on the processes, procedures, and skills needed to respond.

Data Security Best Practices / Training

This session will provide training on current data security best practices for education data systems, including user privacy and security awareness, privacy and security program development/implementation, threat modeling, and attacker methodology.

Working with Online Service Providers and Apps

A review of best practices and training for staff when working with online educational service providers, including legal privacy requirements, an examination of school or district practices and potential problems, and technical assistance on incorporating best practices.

Transparency Best Practices

PTAC experts will conduct trainings and review best practices on communicating with parents about school and district data collection policies and practices. Specific attention will be paid to what information is collected, how it’s safeguarded and used, and why.

Ed360: Improving the Learning Process with Actionable Data

Participants will learn about a free, mobile-friendly tool, Ed360, that provides actionable data in real time. Developed by the Illinois State Board of Education, Ed360 displays student data from different assessments (formative, interim and summative) to demographics and attendance.

Illinois Report Card Data & MyIRC

More data is available about your school on the Illinois Report Card than ever before! Attend this session to find out new data like special education learning environments and teacher evaluation along with new postsecondary data like dual credit, Advanced Placement, college remediation and completion. A short introduction to the educator dashboards in MyIRC will be included.

How Much of Your Personal Information Is Online?

In the age of social media and cyber bullying, we should evaluate how much is too much information. Have you ever considered how much information you can find on someone with no more than a username or email address? Few people realize the sheer amount of personal information that is stored online, much of it in places you would never imagine. Jeff Thompson, a Certified Ethical Hacker from DoIT/ICN, provides a demonstration of just how easy it is for others to dig up one’s personal information, including how he scrapes information from 70+ sites and finds matches for usernames, emails and more.


Smart Ways to Defend Against the Most Common Cyber Security Threats

Andre will provide a glimpse into how hackers find the vulnerabilities in K12 communities and exploit them to launch devastating DDoS attacks. He will share information how schools can strengthen their DDoS defenses.

Student Information System Spring Update

This session will provide a solid understanding of ISBE’s Student Information System, including recent updates, assessment data, planning for the next school year, and useful resources.