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The LTC facilitates an online community and special interest groups (SIGs) open to all educators, coaches, administrators, technology staff, and educational leaders.

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How to Join?

Sign up to join the LTC Community. Membership is free and available to K-20 educational staff, including districts, schools, ROEs/ISCs, cooperatives, programs, and higher ed. Once your membership is approved, you’ll be able to sign up for additional groups within the main LTC Community.

Community Groups
Each group may have optional subgroups focused on a narrower topic or regional group. Members can email a group in the community directly from their email as long as they are an approved member of that group.


Topics: Technology and Network Infrastructure, Devices, Hardware, Data Security, etc.
Audiences: Technology Specialists, Coordinators, Directors, and CTOs.
Group Email:

Instructional Technology

Topics: Instructional technology, classroom integration, pedagogy, research, and best practices.
Audiences: Technology integration specialists, coaches, curriculum directors, etc.
Group Email:

Library & Media Educators

Topics: Technology, digital literacy, and the learning environment.
Audiences: Library and media educators
Group Email:

Future Ready

Topics: Future Ready framework, survey, practices, and resources.
Audiences: All
Group Email:


Topics: G Suite for Education and Chromebooks.
Audiences: Educators and IT staff
Group Email:


Topics: All things Mircrosoft, including management, configuration, training, classroom integration, and apps.
Audiences: Educators and IT Staff
Group Email:


Topics: All things Apple, including Macintosh computers, iTunes U, iOS devices, Apple TVs, and more.
Audiences: All
Group Email:


Topics: All things E-Rate, including reminders, application assistance, and support.
Audiences: All
Group Email:

Data & Security

Topics: All things related to data and security.
Audiences: Technology Staff
Group Email: