LTC Community

The LTC facilitates an online community and special interest groups (SIGs) open to all educators, coaches, administrators, technology staff, and educational leaders.

IMPORTANT UPDATE – The LTC is proud to announce our new online community, coming in early 2021. This new community will offer members a fresh opportunity to ask questions, share insights, and network remotely – all from one easy-to-navigate digital hub. Learn more over on our blog.

As we finish preparing the new community, we encourage educators, administrators, and all edtech stakeholders to join our existing online community. That way, you’ll be one of the first people to know when the new community goes live.

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How to Join?

Sign up to join the LTC Community. Membership is free and available to K-20 educational staff, including districts, schools, ROEs/ISCs, cooperatives, programs, and higher ed. Once your membership is approved, you’ll be able to sign up for additional groups within the main LTC Community.

Community Groups
Each group may have optional subgroups focused on a narrower topic or regional group. Members can email a group in the community directly from their email as long as they are an approved member of that group.


The Apple Community is dedicated to all things Apple. Here, you can ask and answer questions about Apple hardware (Mac computers and laptops, iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs), software (macOS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, and more), and classroom integration in one place.

Classroom Technology

The Classroom Technology Community is dedicated to connecting classroom teachers with one another and fostering discussion about successful edtech integration. Here, new and veteran educators can share best practices, ideas, and resources for enhancing students’ learning environment.

Computer Science

The Computer Science Community is devoted to promoting computer science education and computational thinking for all students, regardless of experience level. CS teachers and general curriculum educators can converse together and discover the best ways to support computer science learning in all schools and at all grade levels.

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Network

The Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Community connects those interested in safeguarding student data and protecting digital networks with the seasoned experts who know how to achieve those goals. Illinois’ edtech community can gather and share ideas for both developing and executing reliable cybersecurity and data privacy solutions that adhere to current standards and legislative guidelines.

This community is also where we discuss the Student Online Privacy and Protection Act (SOPPA). Illinois educators, administrators, and technology leaders are encouraged to utilize this community while working to achieve full compliance with this new state-level legislation.


The E-Rate Community is your hub for information and resources about the FCC’s Universal Service Program for Schools and Library – better known as “E-Rate.” Principals, superintendents, and other educational leaders are welcome to join this community and ask questions about filing deadlines and program guidelines.

This group is moderated by one of the state’s official E-rate Coordinators.

Educational Leadership

The Educational Leadership Community is geared toward educators who make student learning and teacher empowerment their daily mission. Principals, superintendents, and other educational leaders are welcome to join this community and discuss the many ways technology can help fulfill their school or district’s educational mission.

Google Network

The Google Community is the place to go if you have questions to ask or knowledge to share about any of Google’s educational products. This includes Google hardware (Chromebooks) and software (G Suite, Google Classroom, and more), as well as their respective educational uses. Educators, administrators, and IT staff who utilize Google resources are welcome to join and collaborate on the best solutions for these popular teaching tools.

Instructional Technology Network

The Instructional Technology Community provides educational technology leaders and coaches with a space to discuss best practices for fostering professional growth in the edtech field.

Job Board

The Job Board is a space for administrators and others to share open positions in technology and digital learning within their school or district. Those looking for a new position are encouraged to check back regularly for new opportunities around Illinois.

Library and Media Educators Network

The Library and Media Educators Community is dedicated to providing resources and networking opportunities for library and media educators across the state. This is the best place to start discussions about leveraging technology and edtech expertise to improve library systems and educational offerings.


The Marketplace Community provides a space for IT staff and administrators to share ideas on purchasing educational technology, as well as digital curriculum products, services, and resources. Here, you’ll also have an opportunity to hear about special offers that can help districts stretch their budget and make the most of their digital resources.

The group is moderated by the Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP) team.


The Microsoft Community is home to many of the best discussions about utilizing Microsoft software and hardware in today’s educational environment. Educators, administrators, and IT staff are welcome to join this community and collaborate on the best methods for utilizing Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Surface, Onenote, and more.

Technology Network

The Technology Network includes members such as CIO/CTOs, technology coordinators/directors, network specialists, and technology staff at all levels. Members are concerned with technology that supports and enhances the learning environment, student safety, and data management.