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The LTC facilitates an online community and special interest groups (SIGs) open to all educators, coaches, administrators, technology staff, and educational leaders.

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How to Join?

Sign up to join the LTC Community. Membership is free and available to K-20 educational staff, including districts, schools, ROEs/ISCs, cooperatives, programs, and higher ed. Once your membership is approved, you’ll be able to sign up for additional groups within the main LTC Community.

Community Groups
Each group may have optional subgroups focused on a narrower topic or regional group. Members can email a group in the community directly from their email as long as they are an approved member of that group.


The Apple Network is dedicated to all things Apple, including Macintosh computers, iTunes U, iOS devices, Apple TVs, and more.

Classroom Technology

The Classroom Technology Network connects classroom teachers and provides a space to discuss, explore, and share effective practices, ideas, opportunities and resources that enhance the learning environment and student outcomes.

Computer Science

The Computer Science Network is a professional learning community that promotes computational thinking and computer science education. Members share effective practices, ideas, opportunities, and resources, and discuss strategies on including computer science in all schools and grade levels.

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Network

The Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Network connects those interested in data privacy and cybersecurity while promoting the gathering, sharing, and development of data privacy and cybersecurity information, research, and ideas.


The E-Rate Network is dedicated to providing resources and networking opportunities for those who are tasked with filing for E-Rate. The group is moderated by Mindy Fiscus, one of Illinois’ official E-Rate Coordinators.

Educational Leadership

The Educational Leadership Network is a professional learning community for principals, superintendents, and other educational leaders who use technology to increase student learning, improve engagement, and empower teachers.

Future Ready Network

The Future Ready Network provides a professional learning community where educators and administrators can leverage the Future Ready framework to effectively engage students, empower teachers, and improve learning outcomes.

Google Network

The Google Network works to build a community of educators, administrators, and IT staff who utilize Google resources and can learn from and teach one another.

Instructional Technology Network

The Instructional Technology Network promotes the development and collaboration of educational technology leaders and coaches who support the professional growth of teachers and administrators as they use technology to enhance learning.

Job Board

The Job Board is a space for educators, administrators to share open positions in technology and digital learning.

Library and Media Educators Network

The Library and Media Educators Network is dedicated to providing resources and networking opportunities for library and media educators who leverage technology and expertise to impact student learning and improve library systems.


The Marketplace provides a space for IT staff and school leaders to share ideas on purchasing technology and digital curriculum products, services, and resources. The group is moderated by the Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program, Illinois’ only edtech cooperative.


The Microsoft Network works to build a community of educators, administrators, and IT staff who utilize Microsoft resources and can learn from and teach one another.

Technology Network

The Technology Network includes members such as CIO/CTOs, technology coordinators/directors, network specialists, and technology staff at all levels. Members are concerned with technology that supports and enhances the learning environment, student safety, and data management.

Geographically based subgroups offer opportunities to connect with technology staff in specific regions: Chicagoland, Northern, Central, Southern.