Designing Remote Learning Activities for Educators

Event Description

As more school districts develop E-Learning & Remote Learning Day Plans, it is vitally important that teachers develop strong and meaningful Remote Learning Day activities for students. Recent legislation surrounding E-Learning Days, & new guidance for Remote Learning Days, requires that classroom activities be inclusive of students with special (IEP/504) needs, as well as students with no or limited Internet connectivity at home. This workshop will explore ways to design engaging instructional activities that will support student learning.

Join us as we explore:
* E-Learning Day legislation and ISBE’s Remote Learning suggestions
* Samples of successful E-Learning Day & Remote Learning activities
* Guidance on how to include students with special (IEP/504) needs
* Strategies for including students with limited or no Internet connectivity at home

Free Turnkey Resources for E-Learning and Advisory

Leverage your homeroom advisory time or e-learning days to equip students with the critical life skills they need to thrive beyond the classroom. EVERFI’s digital resources focus on these essential skills, including financial literacy, college and career readiness, social skills, mental wellness, bullying, substance abuse prevention, and more. They are pre-prepped, standards-aligned, and student-directed, with assessments built-in – making them perfect for e-learning days, advisory, or any time! The online lessons are aligned to state standards. Best of all? They’re available at absolutely NO COST to schools, thanks to local sponsors.

Gaming Culture, Distance Learning, and Student Engagement

How can we borrow from video games to build meaningful distance learning experiences? As an emergency response, educators made a shift to distance learning almost overnight with mitigated success: all over the country, districts report participation rates in distance learning to be as low as 50%. Meanwhile, engagement with video games is at an all-time high. Together, we’ll learn what we can borrow from video games to rethink distance learning, motivate students and develop standards to make them better distance learners.

Google Tools to Support your Students in Remote Learning Part 2

In part one we explored how to leverage Google Classroom, Docs, and Forms in a remote learning situation. During this session we will dive into how teachers can leverage Google Slides and Google Drawings to create engaging learning experiences for their students. Join us to dive deeper into the Google world! Part I is workshop #12016 on November 17 look for that one as well. If you attend both sessions the cost is only $25.00.

Google Tools to Support your Students in Remote Learning Part 1

In this session we will look to explore how we can best maximize Google tools in a remote learning situation. From leveraging Google Classroom as our workflow management system, to creating engaging activities and assessments with Google Docs and Forms this webinar will show a variety of ways you can up your Google game!

STEM and Career Resources from the Chicago Blackhawks

Join Chicago Blackhawks alum Jamal Mayers, the Learning Technology Center, and EVERFI as they introduce the Future Goals – Hockey Scholar program. Educators will learn about and gain access to a free online course relating math and science concepts to the exciting game of hockey.

Whether your district is returning to school under a hybrid model, full remote learning, or traditional in-person instruction, this program will conserve your time while keeping students engaged with STEM and career exploration. Jamal and the Blackhawks will also be sharing info on upcoming virtual events and opportunities for students!

Go to to learn more!

Growing Up in a Digital Age: Understanding Gen Z Students

Digital Citizenship week may have just passed, but there is still time to help our students become responsible citizens. Nicole Zumpano explores the mindset of Generation Z students, focusing specifically on what research says about their interactions with the digital world.

Next Steps in Virtual Learning

This workshop is most applicable to those that are already comfortable with technology and are looking to take online lessons to the next level. The three main areas of this workshop focus on multimodality/student engagement, designing for accessibility, and online workflow and productivity ideas.

Legal Issues in School District Cybersecurity

Join Attorney Brandon K. Wright of Miller, Tracy, Braun, Funk & Miller, Ltd. as he discusses and takes your questions regarding the most important legal issues that arise with school district cybersecurity, data privacy, and related concerns. Whether it is remote learning, in-person tech use, or catching up on work on the weekend, are you ready to legally protect your school district’s network?