Illinois Education & Technology Conference

For 29 years, IETC has focused on leading the conversation around technology integration, engaging instructional practices, and emerging trends.

This year, we’re committed to continuing those conversations at a brand-new location that will help Midwest educators like you build the present and future of educational technology – together. At the heart of our event, we focus on technology integration strategies, engaging instructional practices, digital tools and resources, and emerging trends. In other words, IETC is the best place to learn about both the present and future of educational technology.

EdPuzzle for Students with Autism

The accessibility features built into EdPuzzle make it an ideal tool for use with students with autism or other special needs. In this presentation, we will explore how to create impactful, personalized learning opportunities and tie them into Common Core standards that meet your students where they are at. We will also look at how you can incorporate EdPuzzle into your student support programs and create videos that allow you to easily track your students’ data and progress.

Lesson Design for the Post-COVID Classroom

Teaching in the post-COVID classroom is going to present significant challenges for teachers. In this presentation, we’ll explore how EdPuzzle can help address some of those challenges, including bridging the achievement gap, freeing up time to spend with individual students, and reshaping your classroom routines for more personalized learning. K-12 Teachers, Tech Coaches, and Curriculum Directors are all encouraged to attend and learn new ways to utilize this popular platform in your post-COVID classroom!

Earn PD Hours through the LTC for Google’s Distance Learning Course

Recently Google for Education created an excellent course showing how to leverage GSuite tools for Remote Learning or “Distance Learning.” Google’s Distance Learning for Educators Course is a free online learning course that is available to anyone, anywhere, at any time. The course demonstrates how to use tools like Google Meet, Google Classroom, and others to support student learning. It also includes suggestions for social-emotional learning and ways to keep open the lines of communication with students and families. 

The Learning Technology Center is happy to provide Illinois educators with 2.75 hours of Professional Development Credit for license renewal for completing this course.

Here’s how to Receive Free PD Hours from the LTC

  • Register through the LTC’s website.   
  • Complete Google’s Distance Learning for Educators Course. 
    • Any questions regarding the content of the course should be directed to Google through their website. 
  • Upon successful completion of this course, Google will generate an onscreen certificate. 
    • If you have already completed the course, simply go back to the course homepage and click the “View Certificate” button.
  • Highlight and copy the URL (or “web address) of your unique certificate.
  • Open THIS FORM to request PD and enter the required information.
  • Paste the URL for your unique certificate into the space provided.
  • Submit the form. Within 5 business days we will email you a link to an evaluation form. After you complete and submit the evaluation form, your PD Credit Evidence of Completion form will be emailed to you within a few days. 

New Online Courses Available

Our online courses have become extremely popular for educators interested in learning professional development hours from home. We are expanding our course catalog to include new interactive self-paced, video-based lessons that you can complete on your own schedule. These courses are available now, and they are completely free. Our newest courses include:

Getting Started with Google Hangouts (1 hour)

This course gives participants an overview of the basic features of Google Hangouts. Hangouts is the consumer version of Google Hangouts Meet and Google Hangouts Chat, and has become very popular during remote learning. Having a basic working knowledge of Google Hangouts’ video and chat features will support teachers using these platforms to interact with students through video and text. 

Pages for Mac and iPad (1 hour)

Apple’s very popular and powerful Pages application for word processing is free for any Mac or iPad user. This one-hour video-based course will provide the basic knowledge needed to use Pages in your classroom with students. The course covers the basic functions of pages for Mac and shows how these skills can be transferred to an iPad. The course closes with several ideas to help you integrate Pages into your elementary or secondary classroom. Note: the use of a Mac is highly recommended for this course.

Keynote for Mac (2 hours)

Keynote offers an extremely flexible and powerful presentation platform for Mac users. Keynote can also be used on an iPad or even on a PC. This course will help educators learn the basics of Keynote as well as some helpful tips to make your Keynote presentations more engaging for your students. Note: This course does not address the use of Keynote on an iPad. The use of a Mac is required to complete this course. 

These courses are offered in addition to our existing free courses: 

  • Save Time with an Organized Google Drive (2 hours) 
  • Understanding the Power of Google Docs(2 hours) 
  • Maximize the Power of Google Classroom (2 hours) 
  • Google Forms Essentials: Creating Digital Assessments (2 hours) 
  • Google Slides: More Than Presenting Content (2 hours) 

Visit our Online Learning Courses page to register.

Podcast: Remote Learning with Adam & Alex Valencic

Adam Valencic and Alex Valencic offer some insights into their experiences in remote learning and online learning. Adam Valencic is an instructional designer at Lindenwood University in Missouri. Alex Valencic is the Coordinator for 21st Century Teaching and Learning for the Freeport (IL) School District #145. Together, these brothers discuss their ideas to support learners and educators as they navigate remote learning online. 

In this episode: 

Contact Information
Alex Valencic – Twitter
Adam Valencic – GMail

Podcast: Jodi Scott Discusses Remote Learning

Regional Superintendent Jodi Scott was part of the team that created the Illinois Remote Learning Recommendations. In this special episode, Jodi returns to our show to discuss the differences between Illinois’ current Remote Learning Recommendations and the earlier legislation. Listen as Jodi provides critical clarifications and insights. /p>

Connect with Jodi Scott:
Twitter: @ROE33_HKMW

Connecting a Smartphone Hotspot to a Chromebook

In a remote learning situation, many students may not have a reliable internet connection at their home to complete their school work, and many of these students may turn to using their smartphone, or parent’s smartphone, as a hotspot. The hotspot feature allows the smartphone to broadcast a wireless signal that the Chromebook or other wifi capable device can connect to. When the device is connected to the hotspot, the student will be able to access the internet.

How do you enable the hotspot on both Android and iPhones and then connect a Chromebook? These short videos below will assist in demonstrating how this is done. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for support! 

How to Enable Your Android Hotspot

Connect to a Hotspot on Chromebook

Enable an iPhone Hotspot and Connecting to a Chromebook

Learning Online with Ben Sondgeroth

Ben Sondgeroth, a Regional Educational Technology Coordinator for the LTC, joins the Learning through Leading hosts at a critical time in Illinois’ history to speak about leveraging video in online learning. He shares tips for teachers and administrators on how to find your tool, find your content, have fun, be visible. Ben also discusses the importance of educator self-care during these times of change.

Some of the tools Ben mentions:

You may also want to check out the webinar that Ben recently conducted for Nick’s teachers on these and other topics to help them prepare for e-learning. View the webinar on demand.

Extend Your Learning With Online Courses and Book Studies

We are excited to announce our Spring 2020 Online Learning Courses for education professionals! These free or low-cost courses can be taken on your own schedule in the comfort of your home, office, or classroom. These learning opportunities will support your professional growth in the areas of classroom technology integration throughout your career. Plus, we can also provide you with Illinois Professional Development Credits to support your License Renewal activities.   

Spring 2020 Online Learning Courses

Join us for these FREE Online Courses to learn more about Google’s GSuite tools:

  • Save Time with an Organized Google Drive (2 PD credits) 
  • Maximize the Power of Google Classroom (2 PD credits) 
  • Understanding the Power of Google Docs (2 PD credits) 
  • Google Forms Essentials: Creating Digital Assessments (2 PD credits) 
  • Google Slides: More Than Presenting Content (2 PD credits) 
  • More courses, including Google Drawings and others!

These FREE Online Courses will allow OPEN ENROLLMENT, which means you can start the course that interests you most within a just few days of registering. When you’re done you can register for another course and complete that one at any time during the semester. Registration for any of these courses opens February 1. All courses will close May 4, 2020. 

If you’re interested in taking your professional learning to the next level, try: 

  • Transforming Instruction with Digital Tools (Mar. 1- Apr. 19; 14 PD credits; $50) 

Spring 2020 Online Book Studies

Last, if you’d like to join in a community of learners in both synchronous and asynchronous discussions surrounding recent releases in books about technology integration, join us for our Spring Online Book Studies: 

Tech with Heart: Leveraging Technology to Empower Student Voice, Ease Anxiety, & Create Compassionate Classrooms, by Stacey Roshan (Feb. 23 – Apr. 5; 5 PD Credits; $35 plus book, available from Amazon and other booksellers)

DON’T Ditch That Tech: Differentiated Instruction in a Digital World, by Matt Miller, Angelia Ridgway, and Nate Ridgway (Apr. 1 – May 10; 5 PD Credits; $35 plus book, available from Amazon and other booksellers)

Get all the details and register at We’re looking forward to learning with you!