How Can Maker Spaces Help Students in my Classroom?

Everyone’s talking about “maker spaces” in education. What are they, really? Sure, maker spaces are probably great for science or career/technical education classrooms. But what good are maker spaces to students in other core curriculum or non-core classrooms? Can maker spaces make their learning experiences more hands-on and engaging, as well?

We’re kicking off Maker Space March with a panel discussion geared toward answering those essential questions and more! Tune in to hear from LTC staff and learn how they’ve helped districts large and small implement maker spaces into both their buildings and their curriculums. Along the way, you’ll also learn a few practical ways for using maker spaces to ignite student interest and support student creativity & exploration – all while helping those same students achieve classroom learning standards.

3D Printing FUNdamentals

Is your district interested in adding 3D printing to the curriculum? Does your district currently have a 3D printer that’s not being used effectively or at all?

Join us for an informative session on the basics of 3D printers and 3D printing. We will explore the fundamentals of 3D printing, the best printers for education, the software and apps needed for successful printing, how to plan for a 3D printing space, and some curriculum integration essentials.

3D printing has SO many real-world, practical applications and can be easily integrated across the curriculum. Come see how!

BeConnected: Makerspaces for STEM/STEAM

Curiosity. Creativity. Capacity for Collaboration.

These are just a few of the hallmarks of today’s leaders and innovators. Cultivating these attributes in our students gives them a greater chance of success as adults and Makerspaces can get them started down that path. Join this week’s edition of the LTC’s Be Connected series to learn more about Makerspaces, as well as share your success stories about utilizing them in your classroom.

Be Connected is a new, weekly webinar series from the LTC focused on facilitating open discussions about pertinent topics within Illinois’ edtech community. Hosted by the LTC’s Chris Wherley and Eric Muckensturm, each session will focus on a specific topic and provide space for participants to ask and answer questions in a relaxed, supportive environment.

Each week will feature a different core topic and a fresh opportunity to connect with your peers. So, be sure to check the LTC events calendar routinely so that you can join in the discussion and Be Connected!