Hands-On Learning with LEGO Education BricQ Motion

Interested in having your students in grades 1-8 engage in some deep learning about force and motion? Do you relish seeing your students explore topics hands-on and communicate their findings afterward? If you answered ‘yes’ to either question, you are in for a treat. Get a hands-on experience and see the power of using LEGO Education BricQ Motion. This non-robotic solution can help support student learning and give you a leg up through the use of a gymnast (pun intended).

Potential and kinetic energy are part of the fun, as are a variety of much-needed math skills. Lessons seamlessly combine communication, collaboration, and critical thinking so your students will be totally engaged with their foray into physical science. Every LEGO lesson is standards-aligned as well, with a low floor, high ceiling, and wide walls for customization.

In one of the many lessons designed for lower grades, students will investigate phenomena through building and exploring activities like FreeThrow, where they observe and predict the motion of a LEGO basketball using three variables. Don’t miss the fun in this 50 minute webinar, where you’ll discover new ways to bring equity to classroom’s math and physical science curriculum.