Creating Engaging Learning Experiences for Your Students with Google Tools ROE 4

Google’s suite of education-centered apps and services have many uses that allow us to create an interactive and engaging learning experience for our students. When used to the fullest, our students can use the Google tools to explore content, as well as create and curate digital artifacts that demonstrate what they know, think, feel, and understand.

In this session, we will explore both how to create new activities and transform existing ones into engaging learning experiences using the full Google Workspace, including Slides, Forms, Sheets, Drawings, and MyMaps. There is far more to using Google in the classroom than simply sharing a Google Doc with your students. Join us to learn more!

ROE 47 The Google Tools You’ve Never Knew Existed

Are you looking for a way to maximize your Google app usage but are unsure how some of them would even integrate into your curriculum? In this session, we will explore a couple of different Google tools that you may not know about – Google Jamboard, Maps, My Maps, and Treks! Jamboard allows you to create a collaborative whiteboard space for your students to explore different learning concepts. Google My Maps allows students or teachers to create personalized maps that have amazing applications across content areas. Your students can take virtual field trips with Google Maps street view and Google Maps Treks. Join us for a chance to see all of these great apps in action!

Google Tools to Support your Students in Remote Learning Part 2

In part one we explored how to leverage Google Classroom, Docs, and Forms in a remote learning situation. During this session we will dive into how teachers can leverage Google Slides and Google Drawings to create engaging learning experiences for their students. Join us to dive deeper into the Google world! Part I is workshop #12016 on November 17 look for that one as well. If you attend both sessions the cost is only $25.00.