Be Connected: Google Admin Settings – What’s New?

Have you been keeping up with Google Workspace’s latest Admin-level changes? Noticed a new setting or option that you’re curious about?

Join the LTC’s Chris Wherley on this week’s Be Connected to learn about the latest Google Workspace Admin updates, including how you can utilize the panel’s newest functions to optimize your institution’s Google Workspace environment,

Be Connected is a weekly webinar series from the LTC focused on facilitating open discussions about pertinent topics within Illinois’ edtech community. Hosted by the LTC’s Chris Wherley and Eric Muckensturm, each session will focus on a specific topic and provide space for participants to ask and answer questions in a relaxed, supportive environment.

Each week will feature a different core topic and a fresh opportunity to connect with your peers. So, be sure to check the LTC events calendar routinely so that you can join in the discussion and Be Connected.

Google Workspace Admin Panel – Overview

Google Workspace is the leading solution for productivity and collaboration tools in Illinois school districts. Through its admin panel, administrators can employ user accounts, groups, applications, inventory, and security features district-wide.

Join the LTC’s Chris Wherley and Eric Muckensturm for an overview of Google Workspace’s admin panel features along with best practices for district-wide use. This is the 1st session in a series of 5 sessions, all focusing on Google Workspace. Future sessions in this series will offer a deep dive into these same features and provide an opportunity to ask questions about specific use cases.

Tech Q&A: Google Meet – Technical

Event Description

Google Meet is being used everyday in many Districts by teachers, students and administrators. We will be discussing technical features and functionality of Meet in G Suite for Education as well as those available in the Enterprise version. Anne Nash from Google will join us for Questions and Answers and will be available to answer additional questions from the attendees. If you have questions that you would like answered, you can submit them ahead of time to Chris Wherley at or Eric Muckensturm at

Upcoming Features for Google Meet Edu
Google Meet Edu One-pager

Tech Q&A: Onboarding of Students/Staff and Rostering

Event Description

Onboarding of student and staff accounts in Microsoft and Google as well as the rostering of education technology applications are on every technology staff’s task list at the beginning of the year and as the year goes on. The Learning Technology Center will visit with Curtis McKay, Director of Technology from Belleville Township High School District No. 201 about what he has learned from his experiences over the years.

Format of this event is 20 minutes of prepared questions and answers followed by opportunity for you to get your specific questions answered.

Google Admin Console Walk-Through and Q&A

Event Description

This 2 hour virtual event is an opportunity to explore the Google Admin Console with a 45 minute walk-through. The rest of the time will be used to collectively answer your questions.