Wait, That Updated? – Google, Adobe, Flipgrid, & Book Creator

We’ve all been there – you open up your favorite edtech tool one morning to discover that its interface has changed. Undoubtably, that app has pushed out a new update, bringing with it fresh features that you can harness in the classroom immediately. Join us to learn about recent app-based improvements educators like you can take advantage of, including updates from Google, Flipgrid, Adobe Creative Cloud Express (Formerly Spark), Book Creator, and more!

Flipping how we Assess Student Learning with Flipgrid ROE 49

When technology is introduced into the classroom, it opens up new and more meaningful ways to assess student learning. It also allows teachers to more efficiently uncover what students know, think, feel, and understand about the curricular content. When looking at different tools for assessing student learning, Flipgrid stands out above the rest. Join us as we explore how you can leverage Flipgrid with your students!