Tech Tuesday: Flipping How We Assess Student Learning with Flipgrid

When technology is introduced into our classrooms, it opens up new and more meaningful ways to create engaging assessments of our student’s learning. It also allows us to leverage new ways to uncover what students know, think, feel, and understand the content we are teaching. When looking at different tools that we can use in the assessment of student learning, Flipgrid stands out above the rest. Join us as we explore how you can leverage Flipgrid with your students!

Even if you have attended Flipgrid workshops in the past, consider this one. It will include all the recent updates!

Engaging Students Remotely Using Flipgrid

Event Description

In this session we will explore how to leverage Flipgrid in a remote learning environment.

Presenter Bio

Ben Sondgeroth, Regional Educational Technology Coordinator. A Google for Education Certified Trainer, former Director of Technology, and high school social studies classroom teacher, Ben has a passion for bringing creative technology integration into the classroom. Throughout his career, Ben has been able to work with teachers and administrators in bringing best technology practices into their schools and classrooms using iPads and Google Apps for Education.