Creativity and Student Voice – A Foundation for the 4 Cs

Year after year, creativity tops the list of skills most sought out by employers. But before they’re even thinking about the workforce, students should have numerous opportunities to express their creativity as part of their learning experience. Their voice can play a big role in that creativity, and with some thoughtfully-planned digital activities, you can craft learning experiences that are both uplifting and memorable.

Join us to discover how you can bring more creativity-focused activities into your classroom, starting with projects that amplify your students’ unique voices. Over the course of this 1-hour webinar, we’ll explore a variety of digital learning resources that can draw out students’ voices through visual design, video creation, verbal responses, and more.

Tune in and get ready to see how students’ voice can play a crucial role in their learning experience, regardless of subject area or grade level!

Illinois educators who attend live can earn 1.0 PD credit.

Concrete Ways Tech Can Support the Arts

Between iPads, Procreate, and the Adobe CC suite, there are all kinds tech tools available to today’s creative minds. But how can we use those same tools to help our students unlock their own creativity?

During this 1-hour webinar, we’ll discuss the keys to harnessing creativity-focused technology and talk about specific tools that teachers can use to support visual arts in their classroom. LTC tech coach and National Board Certified visual arts teacher Jen Leban will also be on hand to answer questions and offer guidance based on her 20+ year career in the classroom. Educators for all grade levels and from across the curriculum are encouraged to join and discover new ways to infuse creativity into their students’ everyday learning.

Illinois educators who attend live can earn 1.0 PD credit.

Promoting Student Creativity with Tech

Promoting student creativity through technology can be challenging for some educator. Even under the best circumstances, it can be hard to break free of what’s comfortable for us and release some control to students. Doing so is essential for fostering creativity, though, because without the opportunity to explore new possibilities, students won’t be able hone their creative capacities or discover novel solutions to everyday problems.

So, how can technology help us break free of our “cookie-cutter” lessons and support student voice and choice in the classroom? Join us for this 1-hour webinar, where a panel of experienced LTC team members will highlight several concrete project ideas that can foster exploration in nearly any classroom. Along the way, we’ll strive to answer the essential question, “How can I promote student creativity with technology tools?”

During this webinar panel discussion, participants will:
* Explore the challenges and opportunities surrounding the use of technology tools in the classroom.
* Provide concrete ideas to help promote student creativity with technology tools.
* Brainstorm ways to modify these ideas for other grade levels and subject areas.

From Consumption to Creation: Inspire Creativity in Your Classroom!

The consumption mindset not only applies to the traditional classroom but can carry over into a technology-enriched classroom environment. Students may hope that the educational experience with their school device will mirror how they consume information on their personal devices. After all, students spend a lot of time-consuming information from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

So the question becomes: How can we leverage the consumption mindset to our advantage? The answer starts with turning our students into the creators of the very content they are consuming. We can challenge them to create artifacts focused around the content of our classes and publish those artifacts for others to consume and learn from.

Teaching our students to create can have a wide-ranging effect on them. It often goes beyond simply helping them learn the content specific to our classes. Creating media helps students develop a foundation of skills that transfer over to many other areas of life. A recent study shows that employers want workers with an increasingly demanding skill set including problem-solving, digital literacy, leadership, and creativity. 

To that end, by challenging our students to become content creators in our classrooms we can help foster all of these skills. Technology provides our students the ability to create with voice, video, images, or any combination of the three. This allows students the opportunity to express themselves in ways that may not be possible in a written assignment.

So how do you get started with these concepts? What are some tools that can provide these creation opportunities for your students? To help answer these questions and more I’ve created a YouTube playlist of my top tools for inspiring creativity including Adobe Spark, Book Creator, and Flipgrid. I hope you find it helpful, and the tools included will inspire your students to become the creators they have the power to be.

The following videos were created by Ben Sondgeroth, LTC’s Regional Educational Technology Coordinator, as an introduction to Adobe Spark, Book Creator, and Flipgrid.

Create Web Pages with Adobe Spark Page: Have you looked for a tool that allows your students to create incredible web pages? Look no further than Adobe Spark Page!

Create Awesome Videos with Adobe Spark Video: Have you wondered how to create a video on your Chromebook or iPad? Look no further than Adobe Spark Video! This amazing tool allows you to create videos and share them back to Google Classroom!

Learn How to Get Started with Adobe Spark Post: Have you been wondering how to create exciting graphics with Adobe Spark Post? This video has you covered! We dive into how to bring this awesome tool into your classroom!

Create Amazing Books with Book Creator!: Have you been looking for a way to have your students create amazing books in your classroom? Then look no further than Book Creator! In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through how to get started with this incredible tool!

Getting Started with Flipgrid in the Classroom!: In this quick video, we will explore how to set up a Grid in Flipgrid and assign out a topic to your students!

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