Start your Professional Learning Journey with the LTC’s New Education Certification Collection

Over the past several years, certifications have become an increasingly popular option for professional learning in the education field. Everyone from teachers and administrators to tech coaches and support staff can acquire new knowledge and expertise through certifications – often without even needing to leave home or sit through an in-service day.

For many educators, certifications also serve as a great motivator when it comes to perfecting their craft. Many certifications offer a badge or other micro-credential that can be proudly displayed upon completion. Just like a shiny gold star for a student, these small, but noteworthy awards can help provide recognition for professionals that continuously strive for success.

The LTC wants to make the best credentials available to Illinois’ education community. To accomplish that goal, our team has scoured the internet and created this list of certifications, badges, and micro-credentials geared towards educators, administrators, support staff, and more.

To make it easy to find a certification that interests you, we’ve divided this list into several broad categories. Each certification includes a description with links to further information so that you can start your self-paced professional learning journey without any hassle.

Here are just a few of the most popular certifications you can choose from:

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