Kelly Reddin

Solutions Architect, Learning Technology Center

Brief Bio

Kelly started with the Pitsco/LEGO Dacta partnership in 2000 as a curriculum specialist. She is currently a Solutions Architect with LEGO Education, creating a solution and implementation plans, and facilitating workshops for processes and products from preschool through college. She presents keynote speeches, joins panel discussions on education, and works on special projects. Additionally, Kelly has worked as a Global Master Trainer and Solutions Engineer and has created new products using the US, UK, and German standards to help focus new development for global curriculum and products. Before joining LEGO Education, she taught elementary and middle school as well as college courses. She has taught, studied, and worked in many regions of the United States as well as Germany and Japan. Kelly holds degrees from the University of Missouri, Columbus University, and College of Notre Dame, with additional studies completed at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan.

Articles Written by Kelly Reddin

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