Virtual Professional Development Program

Year Long Virtual Professional Development Program

Interested in Year-Long Virtual Professional Learning?

Our year-long virtual professional learning programs are developed and facilitated by our Regional Educational Technology Coordinators (RETCs). Contact any of our RETCs to get started.

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Continued Year Long Virtual Professional Development Program

Research shows that teachers who sustain continued professional development programs are more successful in their implementation of technology in the classroom. With this in mind, the LTC is excited to offer a continued professional development program centered on the skills needed to best change teaching and learning with technology. This program is designed to take place over an entire school year (approximately 40 hours) with meetings happening virtually (via Zoom) on a bi-weekly basis if possible. Session lengths can vary in time with an ideal goal of having each session last two hours. Session dates and times are to be determined between the district and the LTC facilitator.

Google Program (Certification & More)

Google Certification. This program starts with the goal of teachers achieving their Google Level 1 Certification. This certification process will allow teachers to deep dive into all of the core Google tools they use with students in the classroom. While our goal is to prepare teachers to pass the certification exam, we will work hard to explore exemplary uses of each of the Google tools along with the skills needed for the exam.

The topics covered in the certification are as follows:

  • Drive and Docs
  • Google Forms
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Chrome
  • Gmail
  • Calendar
  • Groups
  • Groups
  • Hangouts
  • Classroom
  • YouTube
  • Google Sites

The certification work will take anywhere from 6-8 sessions depending on the skill level of the participants in the cohort.

Learning Beyond Certification. After the completion of the certification topics, the facilitator will work with participants on their specific needs in relation to technology content that will be covered in the remaining sessions. Some examples of this may include:

  • Creativity Tools
  • Video Creation
  • Audio Creation
  • Using Video as an assessment tool
  • Creating Digital Assessments
  • And more!

PD Hours. The LTC will provide professional development hours to participants of the program after each session. In order to receive the hours, participants must in attendance live for the session. Sessions will be recorded for participants to watch at a later time, however, watching the recordings will not qualify for PD hours.

Cost. The LTC will charge $100 per virtual hour. A full-year would be 40 hours at a total cost of $4,000.

Example Schedule for 1st Semester

Each schedule is customized to the district’s needs. Below is a schedule developed for Semester 1 and with a focus on Google Level 1 Certification. 

Week Topic Hours
Week 1 Introduction to Google Certification: Google Classroom 2
Week 2 Google Drive and Google Docs 2
Week 3 Google Forms, Google Sheets, and Google Slides 2
Week 4 Google Sheets and Google Chrome 2
Week 5 Chat, Meet, Gmail and Calendar 2
Week 6 YouTube, Google Sites, and Google Groups/ Certification Wrap up 2
Week 7 Certification Review 1.5
Week 8 Deep Dive into Creativity with Google Drawings 2
Week 9 Deep Dive into Flipgrid and Video as an Assessment 2