Start the New School Year in the LTC Community

There’s something special about the start of a new school year. A fresh opportunity to interact with students, the renewed convenience of planning and problem solving alongside your fellow faculty members – for these reasons and more, plenty of Illinois educators are eager to start the new semester.

But what do you do when an edtech issue arises and your district lacks the expertise needed to resolve it? What if you could ask your fellow edtech leaders around the state for input, all on a single, free-to-use platform?

Now you can by becoming a member of the new LTC Community!

The new LTC Community has so much to offer edtech professionals like you, starting from the minute you join its growing list of 1,100+ members. If you’re looking to grow your professional network, share a useful resource, or even ask a question to other individuals in your field, the LTC Community will help you do it from a single, user-friendly interface.

Best of all, membership in the LTC Community remains FREE. That way, you can always keep in touch with all of your peers and access an ever-growing library of resources, no matter where your professional journey in the edtech field leads you.

Interested in joining? Head over to our Community homepage for more information on becoming a member of Illinois newest hub for collaboration and problem-solving.

Timely Answers for your Edtech Inquiries

Over the past year and a half, the wider edtech community has learned the importance of asking questions and receiving answers in a timely manner. On the new LTC Community, you’ll be able to do that and more through an intuitive digital interface. You’ll even be able to find the kind of responses you’re looking for efficiently by posting into one of the Community’s several special topic sub-groups.

Through the Community, you’ll also be able to keep up on the latest news from the LTC, including new program announcements, upcoming event listings, statewide surveys, and more. LTC Community members may also receive early access to new LTC resources and services, allowing your district to do more when it comes to edtech integration.

Your Hub for Collaboration and Networking

Even as more educational professionals return to hosting and attending in-person events, the need for online networking remains strong. That’s why we’ve designed our new Community to make it easy to connect with your peers, both in your region and in your position.

Our 1,100+ member directory even allows you to look up other members, including those you meet at in-person events. Built-in privacy settings also allow you to dictate how much information about you is publicly available – including your professional contact information.

Sharing and Learning at your Own Pace

No one likes a crowded inbox – especially when it comes to receiving emails you didn’t ask for. The new LTC Community keeps this in mind by providing you even greater control over which emails you receive and how often you receive them. Members are even able to customize a daily digest of posts, ensuring that you can always stay on top of the latest edtech conversations.

As an LTC Community member, you’ll also have options when it comes to replying to existing conversation threads. Besides posting through the Community’s web interface, you can also reply directly via email without needing to open a separate website. That way, you can keep up with the conversation offer your insights in a timely manner – all from your preferred email app.

Join the New LTC Community

Altogether, the LTC Community was made for people like you, one of the countless professionals who make learning through technology possible in Illinois schools every day. We want you to be a part of this Community, so don’t miss this chance to change the way you digitally network, collaborate, and share knowledge with your edtech peers.

Questions about the new LTC Community? Drop us a line at