ISPA/SDPC Update – July 1, 2021

ISPA Resource Update Blog

Happy New (Fiscal) Year! Today, July 1, is compliance day for Illinois’ new Student Online Personal Protection Act (SOPPA). In turn, all Illinois schools should now have in place new policies and procedures that meet this legislation’s revitalized data privacy mandates.

However, numerous schools throughout the state are still in the process of getting these new data privacy frameworks up and running. As such, the Illinois Student Privacy Alliance (ISPA) wants you to know that we are still here and willing to support your institution as you strive to enhance your data privacy standards and practices.

As we move forward to the 2021-2022 school year, let us know what we can do to help your district succeed on this front – especially when it comes to managing data privacy agreements (DPA). The ISPA/SDPC database remains the most robust tool for accomplishing this task and we encourage all district’s to make use of it – not least because it is entirely free to use, regardless of district size.

There are even more resources available right now for free on the ISPA homepage. There, you’ll find videos and certified documents – such as the latest  IL-NDPA – that can help your district adhere to current data privacy standards without as much hassle.

Step-by-Step with Managing Data Privacy Agreements

Currently, there are 744 Illinois districts and 16,392 agreements in the Illinois portion of the ISPA/SDPC database. As such, it couldn’t be easier to join into an agreement and streamline your district’s legislative compliance process.

Even so, everyone could use a little extra help when it comes to managing data privacy agreements (DPAs). Here are a few steps that can help you getting started or get back on the right track as the 2021-2022 school year approaches:

  • Review the free resources available on the ISPA homepage.
  • Attend the next All Things SOPPA session on Tuesday, July 13 at 2 PM. This session will include a short presentation followed by an audience Q&A. Not able to make it? There’ll be more All Things SOPPA on July 20 and July 27, as well as every Tuesday going forward at 2PM. Recordings of every week’s session are also available in a YouTube playlist on the ISPA homepage
  • Check out the LTC’s YouTube playlist full of videos about using the ISPA/SDPC database. In particular, check out the videos Using the IL-NDPA, Managing Agreements for SOPPA, and Using the Auto Exhibit E Creator – all of which can be watched at 1.5x or 2x speed to save time.
  • Review your district’s Custom Resource Listing. To do this, login to the ISPA/SDPC database and navigate to the “Tools” section. There, you’ll find an entry for your district’s “Customized Resource Listing”. 
  • Speak with your district’s legal counsel and review IL-NDPA. With their approval, you’ll then be able to use this pre-created document as the basis for future agreements. The same can be done to pre-approve the use of newly-created Exhibit Hs.

Need Extra Support?

As always, If you need additional assistance when it comes to using the ISPA/SDPC database or any other LTC data privacy resource, reach out to me, Chris Wherley, and we can discuss a solution that works for you and your district. To do that, grab a time on my calendar using Calendly and we can set up a time to chat.