IETC Merges with LTC

IETC (Illinois Education and Technology Conference) has a long history dating back almost 30 years. Every year, hundreds of teachers, administrators, and IT staff join together in Springfield, Illinois, to share ideas, connect with colleagues, and learn for state and national experts. As the conference chair for several years, it’s been my pleasure to lead and grow the conference in partnership with a dedicated committee that consistently surprises me with their innovative ideas and willingness to take risks.

On behalf of the IETC Committee and myself, I am excited to share that the Learning Technology Center is now the umbrella organization for the conference. Previously a stand-alone conference without a single organizational lead, IETC will join the LTC as part of our diverse professional learning offerings. We facilitate several conferences throughout the year, as well as over 500 workshops, webinars, online courses, and other learning opportunities, and IETC will take a place as one of our most prominent events to positively impact digital-age teaching, learning, and leadership in Illinois.

This change is significant, yet its impact is minor. Much will stay the same — the IETC Committee will continue to create innovative learning opportunities to learn and cultivate community during the conference. With the fullness of the LTC’s support, IETC will have an even greater potential to impact our education and technology leaders, as well as our students.

We know that the conference is more than just a three-day event. It represents connections with life-long colleagues, opportunities to grow professionally and personally, pathways to promote homegrown talent, and meaningful ways to give back to our education community and support our students. I am confident that together, IETC and the LTC will grow the conference and help share its value with many more educators, leaders, and IT staff for years to come.

Here’s the bright future.