Using and Teaching Effective Digital Communication

In this world of changing social media, how can you keep up with communication styles and norms? How do you know your message is being received– and understood? Whether you’re teaching adults or students, this session will explore ways to turn our view from consumers to creators and communicators. We’ll also explore how to communicate effectively with a global audience and how to model professional digital communication. Our digital footprint follows us everywhere– whether a district, a school, an educator, or a student– let’s start on a great path of clear, appropriate, and engaging communications that will reach our intended audience.

Learning Objectives

By attending this session, attendees will be able to…

– Identify current digital platforms and the targeted audiences

– Explore and discuss school and district policies on social media (for staff and students)

– Cultivate great communication habits that can carry you through life

– Explore how to use surveys, feedback, and analytics to determine if your message is reaching your audience

June 4 @ 10:00
10:00 am — 10:50 am (50′)

Beth Rihtar