The Survival Skills Needed for Effective Blended Instruction

The recent pandemic changed the rules in education. To bring out the best in students, teachers must have the ability to adapt their instruction as learning environments change between face-to-face and online. Join Darlene Ruscitti, Superintendent at the Dupage Regional Office of Education, and Jason Lange, Founder and President of BloomBoard, to learn about the six foundational “survival” skills critical for online instruction and how educators in DuPage County are learning to demonstrate these skills.

Learning Objectives

  • The six core skills needed for immediate impact and the design principles behind them.
  • What a competency-based approach looks like and how this drives meaningful change in practice.
  • How you can ensure your entire teacher population is grounded in these principles of practice.
January 15 @ 11:10
11:10 am — 12:00 pm (50′)

Dr. Darlene Ruscitti