Technology Addiction and Surprising Solutions

Do you have students in class who cannot put their cell phones down, even for a second? Do you have students who struggle to stay awake because they were up all night long playing video games? As we navigate COVID-19 and our transition to distance learning, how do we make sure learners maintain a healthy relationship with technology? After almost 2 years of research, I have some surprising solutions that I would love to share with you. Please join me for a great discussion about technology addiction and how we, as educators, can reduce its negative impact on teaching and learning.

Learning Objectives

– Learners will be able to identify how technology addiction is formed.

– Learners will be able to articulate how authentic community interactions impact pattern behaviors.

– Learners will be able to leverage learned skills to reduce the negative impacts of addiction to foster a more healthy learning environment.

June 15 @ 09:45
9:45 am — 10:15 am (30′)

Josh Ratliff