Cyber Games – Using Gamification to Transform Your Classroom

During this session will you will explore how students can get exposure to real-world, hands-on knowledge of cybersecurity through a unique gamification method for learning with CyberUp’s PowerUp: Cyber Games. Learning via gamification methods gives students ownership of their learning, freedom to fail and try again without negative repercussions, opportunities for differentiated instruction, instant feedback allowing students to continuously strive to improve, and positively impacting students’ cognitive, social, and emotional development.

PowerUp: Cyber Games provides an easy way for individuals and teams to compete against others virtually and gain in-demand skills in a monthly youth cyber competition. Students will use the same tools that security professionals use and will be tasked with navigating real-world scenarios. The skills the students build in the youth PowerUp: Cyber Games will make students invaluable to future employers.

By the end of this session, you will have walked through examples of how to incorporate PowerUp: Cyber Games in your classroom and curriculum, an easy “How To” guide to get started, lessons learned from the season from previous teachers, and the different tools and support CyberUp provides teachers to make this easy to feel comfortable in the online platform and lead students through the competition.

Presenter Bio

Amber Lowry is the Program Director for CyberUp. As Program Director, Amber is responsible for the Workforce Development and Youth Programs. Amber was on the ground level for the creation, implementation, and execution of the first for the region and third in the nation Cybersecurity Analyst Registered Apprenticeship Program. Amber enjoys advocating for and growing cybersecurity awareness amongst middle school and high school students in the St. Louis Region. Amber also spearheads all the Marketing efforts for the non-profit.

Prior to joining the CyberUp, Amber brings with her about 15 years of Sales and Marketing experience from her time as the National Account Manager for a logistics company, LTI Trucking, and Assistant Marketing Director for a company that manufactures tactical nylon for the military and law enforcement, Eagle Industries.

Amber holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marketing and Advertising from Webster University. Amber recently wrapped up her term as the President of the non-profit, Scott Air Force Base Toastmasters Club. Amber also received the honor of being one of thirty selected to participate in the 2018 Spring Coro Women of Leadership STEM Program ran by Focus STL.

Amber, her husband, two kids, and two dogs reside in O’Fallon, Illinois.

Mike Bryan is the Youth Engagement Manager for CyberUp. As a Youth Engagement Manager, Mike is responsible for outreach and engagement for CyberUp’s youth initiatives. Pre-pandemic, Mike visited St. Louis metropolitan area schools to host presentations, seminars, and talks to educate students on basic cybersecurity topics and increase awareness of cybersecurity as a job opportunity. After the pandemic hit, CyberUp pivoted to virtual presentations in the form of webinars, still focused on basic cybersecurity topics and increasing awareness of cybersecurity as a job opportunity. Youth Engagement revolves around CyberUp’s PowerUp: Cyber Games, a monthly youth cybersecurity competition series that presents cybersecurity learning in a gamified environment. Mike is passionate about cybersecurity and holds a Cybersecurity Certificate from the University of Missouri – St. Louis and loves working with youth.

Prior to employment with CyberUp, Mike worked in a number of industries, with most of his adult life spent in the Hospitality and Service Industry. His varied job experience prepared him well for a transition from the Hospitality and Service Industry into Cybersecurity.

Mike also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts from the University of South Carolina and worked in the film and audio recording industry when he first graduated from college. In addition, he holds a Professional Writing Certificate from the University of Missouri – St. Louis, and writes a blog reviewing new music, movies, and shows when he is not studying for his next cybersecurity certification. An avid outdoorsman, Mike loves Disc Golf, hiking, camping, kayaking, mountain biking, and all wake-sports.

January 13 @ 14:00
2:00 pm — 2:50 pm (50′)

Amber Lowry, Mike Bryan