Personalizing the PD in a Pandemic

We can no longer stick with the “sit and get” model of PD, especially during a pandemic.

This presentation will showcase a flexible PD program that can be personalized for each district. The plan will empower your educators by utilizing an internal micro-credential system of professional learning that your teachers will appreciate. 

District Administration must offer ways to reward the continuous learning that is needed for us to become 21st-century educators and build capacity within the staff for whatever the future of classroom teaching may look like.

Learning Objectives

  • Define some widely used terms during COVID like tools, strategies, flipping the classroom
  • Demonstrate ways to centralize the training and memorialize the learning of the teachers so that they can be showcased and utilized by all staff members. 
  • Offer methods in which this program can be aligned with the teachers’ current workflow and not become “another thing they have to do”.
  • Suggest ways for attendees to maximize the use of the district’s current digital toolkit.
  • Offer ideas in which the district can measure the success of this program
January 14 @ 09:00
9:00 am — 9:50 am (50′)

Farheen Beg