Lesson Design with Hyperdocs

You created Kahoots, Quizlets, Quizizzes, and Quizalizes. You spent hours on making EdPuzzles, Screencastifies, Looms, and Infographics. You have TONS of great resources.

Now let’s implement those tech tools and materials into one easy-to-follow Hyperdoc.

Hyperdocs are not just docs with links in them. Based on the 4 C’s of Collaboration, Creativity, Communication  & Critical Thinking, Hyperdocs allow you to include one or all of the C’s in every lesson you create. 

Through the combination of digital lesson design and great pedagogy, you can achieve a transformational digital lesson delivery that shifts the focus from teacher-based lecture to student driven inquiry based learning by exploration.  

Learning Objectives

Create engaging one of a kind lessons using Hyperdoc templates based on the Explore, Explain, Apply concept, 5 Es,  or Workshop Model.

January 15 @ 14:00
2:00 pm — 2:50 pm (50′)

Lynn Lambert