Information Literacy in the Age of Fake News

The term “fake news” is everywhere you turn, but if we really wanted to battle the fake news issue, it’s probably time to retire the term. Join this session to learn about the 5 major types of information, what motivates people to produce misinformation, and how we get duped into reacting to and further sharing them. You’ll also learn some basic ‘digital forensics’ tools to help determine the validity of the content you see online. Not only will YOU learn a ton in this session, you will walk away with ready to use materials that can help your students combat misinformation too.

Learning Objectives

By attending this session, attendees will be able to…
1. Identify five different types of misinformation by name and see the differences between them
2. Articulate reasons why misinformation is created and shared
3. Utilize 5 basic ‘digital forensics’ techniques for evaluating the credibility of what they see online
4. Navigate resources to help teach these skills to students.

June 4 @ 12:00
12:00 pm — 12:50 pm (50′)

Dr. Kristen Mattson