How to Optimize Student Engagement in Virtual Learning

The idea behind a virtual classroom is to create an online space that serves many of the functions of a traditional classroom, without requiring students and teachers to be physically present in the same place. While modern technology has helped to make this possible, it is important to take steps to ensure students are actually engaged with virtual lessons and taking an active interest in their own learning. Yet, there are challenges associated with virtual learning, too, and one of the biggest challenges is related to student engagement. In particular, without the right strategies, it may be difficult to generate the same level of interest, participation, and overall ‘buy-in’ that you would tend to get in traditional classrooms. How do teachers create an environment in which students want to take part in the sessions, where they actually contribute to the sessions and take something away from them, and where they become emotionally invested in the educational material, as well as their learning outcomes? 

It all begins with strong virtual engagement strategies!

January 15 @ 11:10
11:10 am — 12:00 pm (50′)

Alyssa Jones