E-Content Resources from the Reaching Across Illinois Library System

Discover the Reaching Across Illinois Library System’s e-content resources provided at low or no cost to schools via the school library. Learn about:

-BiblioBoard Library – a robust collection of simultaneous use e-content including OERs, available to everyone in Illinois

-inkie.org – a suite of tools and resources for self-publishing and OER creation, available to everyone in Illinois

-eRead Illinois Axis 360 – a popular materials e-book and audiobook collection

RAILS E-Content Specialist Anna Behm will provide a brief overview of each service and answer questions about how schools can use RAILS services to provide more e-content to students. While not required, attendees should bring a device if they would like to explore each resource.

Learning Objectives

By attending this session, attendees will be able to provide a wealth of e-content resources and materials to their students, teachers, and staff at low or no cost.

June 4 @ 13:00
1:00 pm — 1:50 pm (50′)

Anna Behm