Building Relationships, Culture, and Connections Virtually

A major challenge during the pandemic has been creating an authentic school experiences virtually. Join David Lerch to learn about how his school district embraced virtual learning and used it to connect with students and their families like never before. This talk will focus on strategies, examples, and tools to help educators support relationships, make connections, and build school culture virtually. All of these strategies have been tried and tested over the past several years, with great results all around.

Learning Objectives

By attending this session, attendees will be able to 1. Understand best tools and practices to connect communities and schools 2. Simple strategies that can be used to impact change and foster virtual school experiences

Ed Tech Products

Flipgrid, Remind, Youtube, Wevideo

June 15 @ 09:15
9:15 am — 9:45 am (30′)

David Lerch