Break it Down! Video Lessons Tips and Tricks for Tomorrow

Learn how to apply traditional teaching strategies such as Pause and Connect, Quick Writes, and Chunking Information successfully in an asynchronous video lesson. The presenter will review strategies on how to break down materials and show a side by side comparison of a traditional video resource and the new and improved video lesson. Attendees will have an opportunity to reflect on a lesson that they want to improve and work through simple changes they can make based on a Video Must-Have Checklist. 

This interactive session will provide attendees with tips, tricks, and tools that they can apply to their lessons immediately.  This presentation focuses on freely accessible programs, including Google Slides, Slipgrid, Youtube, and other free apps and screencasting software.

Learning Objectives

By attending this session, attendees will be able to revamp their asynchronous video lessons to make them more engaging by adding in stops, timers, writing prompts, and chunking the information. Attendees will see what possible video lessons could look like within an LMS/Module Organization.

The presenter will connect traditional in-person teaching strategies to the asynchronous video lessons.  Attendees will leave with samples and supplemental resources to take back to their building and share with colleagues.   This session will provide take-aways for teachers with all levels of experience.

January 14 @ 09:00
9:00 am — 9:50 am (50′)

Kerry Parrish