Workflows Save Time, So Does Manage iT

Time is the most valuable commodity that we can never get back, buy or gain more of; fortunately, Approve iT solutions like Manage iT provide a handful of ways to help you and your organization decrease the efforts expended on seemingly trivial day-to-day operations like app management.

Get all of the following done in one place:
Manage SOPPA agreements with contract expiration notifications
Weekly Risk Analysis on Chrome extensions installed in your users’ devices
Built-it software request and approval process that integrates email notifications
Software usage data
Software access management that communicates to your teachers what apps are approved for use with students Google Classroom Manager
And more!

Our solutions are developed by people who have real-time knowledge of the needs of K-12 technology directors, teachers, and administrators.

Presenter Bio

Mike Berago has been in education for 15 years serving in many capacities, including as a computer science educator, software developer, instructional technology coordinator, and as an administrator.

January 20 @ 11:00
11:00 am — 11:50 am (50′)

Mike Berago