Connecting and Securing Effective Learning Ecosystems – the Student Data Privacy Way!

A key component for any conversation is to understand the lens from which your discussion partner is viewing the world. The majority of “disconnects” seen between marketplace players and their customers evolve from of a lack of common expectations in data stewardship. The Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) and ITC IL have partnered to streamline privacy stewardship for CIOs in all IL District. This session will address the need for student data privacy stewardship, tools for streamlining work to set common expectations and how the growing SDPC Community can support YOUR work. An impactful move has been the release of a new National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA) being adopted across two dozen SDPC State Alliances.

Presenter Bio

Dr. Fruth II is the Executive Director/CEO of the Access 4 Learning (A4L) Community, an international non-profit membership organization comprised of over 3,000 software vendors and educational institutions whose mission is to support the identification, management, movement and usage of learning information within the education sector via the collaboratively developed, platform independent and vendor-neutral SIF Specifications. Recently the A4L Special Interest Group Additional, the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC), was established addressing critical on the ground privacy issues. Dr. Fruth has over 30 years of experience in teaching and learning as a classroom teacher/professor, curriculum and professional development designer, state and federal policymaker and international keynote speaker. Most recently Dr. Fruth served as an Director for the Ohio Department of Education where he oversaw development of Technology Academic Content Standards, State Educational Technology Director designee, lead for various federal programs as well as pointing various pK-16 partnership initiatives.

January 20 @ 14:00
2:00 pm — 2:50 pm (50′)

Larry Fruth