Let’s Talk About the SDPC Database #SOPPA

In this session, I will go through all of the vital components of using the SDPC database as well as discuss some lesser used features that streamline your SOPPA workflow. This will be a very interactive session whose focus will be on helping support your use of the database. Come with questions, problems, scenarios, etc… and we will work through them together!

Presenter Bio

Sean Mullins has over fifteen years experience in all levels of education. He began his journey as a seventh grade science teacher, transitioned into being a secondary technology coach and currently spends his professional time as the Director of Instructional Technology for the Olympia CUSD 16 school district in central Illinois. His non-professional time is mostly spent trying to raise a pre-teen boy and be a supportive husband to his wonderful wife.

Sean has worked extensively on SOPPA-related projects during his time as an IT Director, including partnering with the Illinois Learning Technology Center (LTC) on the creation of their how-to series of SOPPA videos, being a part of the LTC SOPPA Working Group, and collaborating with dozens of districts around the state to become SOPPA compliant.

January 19 @ 13:00
1:00 pm — 1:50 pm (50′)

Sean Mullins