Strengthen Knowledge through Social Engineering Simulation

Cyber threats are getting more sophisticated and intense amid the increasing levels of remote work, abundance of diverse resources and dependence on digital devices. Social engineering plays a significant role in cyber threats affecting all users on a daily basis. Within this session attendees will learn how to effectively simulate cyber threat campaigns and meaningfully educate your staff in the area of social engineering with the desired outcome to strengthen and develop your organization’s awareness and online practices.

Presenter Bio

Eric Hansen is the Director of Technology and Communications for Diamond Lake School District 76. Mr. Hansen came to D76 with many years of service as an educator, technology facilitator, instructional technology trainer and conference presenter. Driven by a Culture of I Can, Mr. Hansen believes in meaningful learning, synergy, strategic planning, creative opportunities and support for all stakeholders.

As a lifelong learner, instructional and informational technology leader, he actively contributes within his professional learning network, educational/leadership/technology organizations, provides professional development and professionally blogs on Hansen’s Link to Tech.

January 19 @ 12:00
12:00 pm — 12:50 pm (50′)

Eric Hansen