How to Become a Student Data Privacy Warrior

Talk of student data privacy, cybersecurity, SOPPA, and scary news stories of major data leaks at school districts have been everywhere recently. While ensuring the security of school district infrastructure is undeniably the CTO’s responsibility, much can also be done at the teacher, coach, principal, and district office level to safeguard confidential student data against falling into the wrong hands.

This presentation will explore:

-Why student data privacy matters:

-Federal laws surrounding student data privacy (particularly FERPA, COPPA, PPRA)

-New Illinois student data privacy law (SOPPA) and how it affects teachers and the edtech platforms they use

-How the pandemic increased cyberattacks and security failures

-Interactive “Scenario” activity

-Risks and rewards of modern technologies (eg. Biometric scanning, suicide prevention monitoring, Internet of Things, etc.)

-Steps individual employees can take to create a culture of student data privacy

Student data privacy often seems like a too-complicated mandate that is out of our hands, residing only in the office of the CTO, but armed with a simple understanding of the legal requirements regarding student data privacy and a few practical tips, anyone – at any level – can become a Student Data Privacy Warrior.

Presenter Bio

Alicia Duell is the Director of Technology & Information Services at Wheeling CCSD21, a K-8 district in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Prior to her role in technology administration, Alicia was a school librarian, living and working both in the U.S. and in international schools overseas. During SY ’20-’21, she served as the CCSD21 Distance Learning Academy principal, which was a challenging-yet-invaluable learning experience. Alicia recently completed the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF)’s “Train the Trainer” program, which made her an instant Student Data Privacy Warrior convert.

A Google Certified Innovator, Alicia has presented at state, national and international conferences including ISTE’s National Conference; ASCD Conference on Teaching Excellence; American Association for School Librarians Conference; Learning 2.0 Technology Conference in Bangkok, Thailand; Google Summit in Manila, Philippines; Illinois Education and Technology Conference; Illinois Computing Educators Conference; and Illinois School Library Media Association Association Conference.

January 20 @ 12:00
12:00 pm — 12:50 pm (50′)

Alicia Duell