Cybersecurity Tools and Metrics for Success

This session will discuss different types of tools that all districts should have in place. Specific tools will not be discussed, but rather the concepts and purpose behind each tool will be talked about. This will allow for all different-sized organizations to have an idea of what they need rather than a sales pitch for specific vendors and tools. Following the presentation of different types of must-have tools, the presentation will switch to what types of metrics can be used to verify success or to find where improvements may be needed.

Presenter Bio

Ben Bayle is the Chief Technology Officer for the DeKalb School District 428. He has been involved in Educational Technology for almost twenty years. Over that time Ben has been involved in large fiber rollouts, building construction, design and implementation of the IlliniCloud, and multiple datacenters. The current project is a push to enhance the district cyber security posture. In his time as CTO, DeKalb has also been recognized as a Google Reference District for their 1:1 implementation. Ben has been published in various case studies to recent articles on cybersecurity from an educational perspective.

Ben Yochem has worked in technology for 15 years, he has been in his current role at the DeKalb CUSD#428 as a Systems Analyst since January. Previously he has worked as helpdesk support, a CIS Instructor and IT Coordinator. During his career he has always tried to use free open source software to solve complex problems that would otherwise come at a premium to solve using other software. By doing this he has gained a lot of knowledge in configuring different types of systems. He also gained a lot of teaching/training during his time as a CIS Instructor, teaching multiple computer info. systems classes.

Marco Robles has worked in education IT for around 8 years in various roles. He is currently seated as a Systems Analyst managing a broad spectrum of specialties from Operating system deployment, networking, physical security and firewall configuration. With a big focus on automation and scripting to save time and cost to allow for focus on larger projects.

January 19 @ 10:00
10:00 am — 10:50 am (50′)

Ben Bayle, Ben Yochem, Marco Robles