Digital Life Skills are not just an IT problem: Humans as a security control

In this engaging session SecurityStudio’s President Ryan Cloutier will talk about what organizations need to do to have effective protection against cyber-attacks and cybercrime. Ryan will discuss the importance of Digital Life Skills and how they are the key component to an effective security program. Security awareness is great; however, security awareness is only partially effective at best. Digital life skills are 99% effective 99% of the time, why are they so effective, because people are active participants in protecting themselves, and by extension the organizations and institutions they serve.

Ryan will discuss what are the basic digital life skills needed by everyone, and the importance of focusing on them. He will cover how to frame up the conversation in a way everyone will understand and how to help your users become your most effective security control.

Presenter Bio

Ryan Cloutier is the President of SecurityStudio, he is an experienced IT/Cyber Security professional with over 15 years of experience developing Cyber Security programs. Ryan is a virtual Chief Information Security Officer for K12 districts across the country and is Certified Information Systems Security Professional CISSP® and is proficient in cloud security, Dev-Ops, and Sec-Ops methodologies, security policy, process, audit, compliance, network security, and application security architecture. Ryan also co-hosts a weekly security podcast and is included on the top 100 most influential people in cybersecurity.

January 19 @ 09:00
9:00 am — 9:50 am (50′)

Ryan Cloutier