Back to School on a Budget

This post is part of the LTC SPARK Initiative, providing quality parent-focused resources and support for remote learning.

Are your kids ready for remote learning, but your house is not?

Are you dreading shelling out too much money for yet another piece of furniture (let alone where it is going to fit in your house!)?

Check out these creative workspace solutions for the at-home, remote learners in your life. Most importantly, each solution comes in at under $40.00 (including optional supplies)!

*designates an optional, but suggested supply.

Option One

Source: Diana Elisa Falcon

A simple TV tray table, supply cart, and lamp can fit just about anywhere in your house! The tray table can easily fit most computers and can be folded and stored away when the school day is done. The supply cart is a great addition, especially if it is on wheels since it can travel around the house with your student (or be easily moved to a closet when cleaning the house).

Folding Tray Table (Walmart): $8.94
Supply cart (Walmart): $15.88
Lamp* (Walmart): $6.88

Supply caddy* (Dollar Tree): $1.00
Writing supplies* (Dollar Tree): $5.00

Option Two

Source: Angelina Harper

Maybe you already have a great, centralized location for at home learning, such as a dining room or kitchen table. The table is big enough to fit all your children – however you can already anticipate the bickering and distractions that may occur. If that is the case, this solution is for you!

A tri-fold board (yes, like what you use for the science fair!), trimmed down and jazzed up can make a great divider and give each of your students their own personal remote learning nook, free of sibling distractions.

Tri-fold board (Walmart): $2.77
Clip on light (Dollar Tree): $1.00
Supply holder* (Dollar Tree): $1.00

Headphone hook* (Dollar Tree): $1.00
Writing supplies* (Dollar Tree): $5.00

Option Three

This option is specifically for your littlest remote learner. A small end table, paired with a child’s chair is the Goldilocks of workspaces for students in primary grades – not too big, not too small. Just right (and it won’t break the bank)!

Table (IKEA): $9.99
Supply holder* (Dollar Tree): $1.00
Writing supplies* (Dollar Tree): $5.00

Children’s chair-plastic (IKEA): $14.99
Children’s chair-plastic (Walmart): $14.31
Children’s chair-wood (IKEA): $19.99

Build Your Own Combination

Looking for something a little different? Or maybe you just need to supplement what you already have around your house? Check out these great, low-cost solutions to help you create a dedicated learning space for your student.