2020 Words That Will Never Be The Same


2020 has brought a lot of unexpected changes, from the way we learn to the way we speak. Words like “meet,” “synchronous,” and even “zoom” have taken on new meanings this year, making it hard to remember a time before we used sentences like “We are meeting for a synchronous class over Zoom” on a regular basis.

To help you look back on this “unprecedented” year, our team has rounded up some of the words used most by remote learners and educators alike.

Click through the slide deck below to see what words have become commonplace in the education community during 2020:

This collection was created by the LTC’s Colleen Kaplan and Holly Kelly.

Colleen Kaplan (@cmostyn) is the Remote Learning Outreach Specialist at the Learning Technology Center. She can be reached at ckaplan@ltcillinois.org.

Holly Kelly is a Regional Educational Technology Coordinator with the Learning Technology Center. She can be reached at hkelly@ltcillinois.org.