About the LTC

Dedicated to supporing schools, educators, and IT professionals since 1995.

Mission and Vision

The Learning Technology Center (LTC) is a program of the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), and we are Illinois’ technology system of support for K-12 school districts and educators. We know the importance of technology in the modern learning environment, and that is why we work across the state to develop services and programs that have a meaningful and lasting impact. Our scope is broad, our work is diverse, and our team and partners are dedicated. We are the LTC.

Mission: We support all K12 districts, schools, and educators in Illinois through technology initiatives, services, and professional learning opportunities. Our work addresses high-need technology and digital learning challenges, and we help schools increase access to and use of technology to improve educational opportunities for students.

Vision: To ensure that all K12 school districts and schools can fully leverage technology’s ability to enhance and transform the learning experience.



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Areas of Focus

We provide technology services and learning opportunities that further the following focus areas:

Digital Teaching, Learning and Leadership

We consult with PK-12 districts as they plan, adopt, and evaluate innovative uses of technology within the classroom.

Network and Technology Infrastructure

We provide PK-12 districts with technical support, guidance, and resource identification related to information technology infrastructure, processes, solutions, and management that improve digital learning environments and increase district operation efficiency.

Professional Learning

We facilitate high-quality professional learning opportunities for educators, administrators, and technology staff that support digital teaching, learning, and leadership.

Purchasing & Funding

We assist districts in identifying purchasing strategies and procuring affordable technology and digital resources.

Access and Connectivity

We assist PK-12 districts with access to, and improvements of, broadband connectivity, devices, resources, and funding that increase equitable learning opportunities.

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

We provide PK-12 districts with support, guidance, and resource identification related to data security and practices, cybersecurity, and online student safety.

Communities of Practice

We develop and expand in-person and digital professional learning communities for PK-12 educators, administrators, technology staff, and/or business and industry partners that support digital learning initiatives and foster collaborations.

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Our Team

The LTC Team is a dynamic group of educational and technology experts working together to make a positive impact in Illinois schools.

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Working with state and national partners allows the LTC to increase our impact.

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History of the LTC


Learning Technology Hubs and LincOn Launched

Local offices, support centers and dedicated state network launched as the first comprehensive Illinois State Board of Education technology plan for K-12 education.

Illinois Century Network (ICN) Launched

The state wide network was established as a separate government entity and renamed Illinois Century Network to support K12, Higher Ed, Municipalities and other State Offices.


Instructional technology was added to K-12 Schools in Illinois

Learning Technology Hubs successfully assisted schools across the state in becoming “tech-ready” for impending shifts in technology’s role in the classroom.

Technology Hubs were consolidated into Seven LTC’s

The Illinois State Board of Education restructured the Learning Technology Hubs to more effectively utilize available resources, reducing the total number of centers from 14 to 6.


LTC’s consolidated into one state-wide LTC

The Illinois State Board of Education restructured the seven LTC’s into a single LTC, located centrally in Champaign. The LTC continues to maintain staff on-site in every region of the state.

LTC Expansion

The LTC added instructional technology coaches to meet the emerging need for pedagogyrelated technology integration support.