Mission and Goals

The Learning Technology Center (LTC) is an Illinois State Board of Education program that provides educational technology leadership, expertise, and support to K-12 districts in Illinois.

Specific areas of focus include:

  • curriculum, instruction, and assessments that engage students in 21st Century, personalized, and technology-enabled learning;
  • network infrastructure, devices, supportive systems, and technology resources that increase equitable learning opportunities and promote efficiency;
  • sound data policies, procedures, and practices that foster data privacy, security, and data-informed decisions;
  • and professional learning opportunities that build local capacity and empower innovative district leaders.


The Learning Technology Center provides the following deliverables that advance digital learning and meaningful technology use:

  1. Assist P-12 districts with improvements to broadband connectivity, network infrastructure, and equipment to support digital learning environments and district operations.
  2. Provide P-12 districts with technical support, guidance, and resource identification to support network operating systems, technical processes, solutions, and management.
  3. Assist districts in identifying viable funding sources for short and long-term technology purchases.
  4. Ensure educators, administrators, and technology staff have access to high quality professional learning opportunities that support the digital learning.
  5. Support school districts in adopting and evaluating personalized digital learning experiences and resources for their students.
  6. Develop and expand synchronous and asynchronous communication channels (i.e., roundtables, listservs, newsletters, web resources, etc.) and professional learning communities for P-12 administrators, technology staff, and/or business and industry partners to support digital learning initiatives and foster collaborations.